10 Facts about Flappers

Facts about Flappers tell the readers about a generation of young Western women in 1920s. Most of them listened to Jazz music. Moreover, they sported the bobbed hairstyle and short skirts.  In the past, the flappers were considered as the controversial figures due to their casual treatment on sex, excessive drinking and too much makeup. Here are other interesting facts about flappers below:

Facts about Flappers 1: the origin

Flappers were originated from Roaring Twenties. The period was associated with liberalism.

flapper Louise Brooks

flapper Louise Brooks

Facts about Flappers 2: the First World War

In November 1918, the First World War ended. It affected the behavior of women. At that time, the women realized that life was too short. Therefore, they wanted to enjoy every minute of their life. The change was inspired from the First World War who had killed many young men in the world. Moreover, 20 until 40 million people died because of Spanish epidemic flu in 1918.

Facts about Flappers 3: the liberal young women

The liberal young women arose in 1920s wanted to enjoy their life and freedom. They did want to stay at home and waited for the men to come.

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Facts about Flappers 4: the classes

The gap among the social classes was reduced because they focused more on the freedom.   Therefore, the young people decided to share their freedom.

Facts about Flappers 5: the right to vote

On 26 August 1920, United States finally granted the women the right to vote. At that time, women tried to enjoy the equal status just like the men.

Facts about Flappers 6: the larger goals of women

Women tried to apply feminism in various fields. They wanted to achieve the larger goals such by having the sex rights, economic independence, political participation and sense of individuality.

Facts about Flappers 7: the behaviors

The women did drinking and smoking just like the men.



Facts about Flappers 8: the workplace

The women got more opportunities to enjoy the occupations in the workplace.   Some women ended up to become a pilot, engineer, lawyer and doctor. Those occupations were considered as the traditional male jobs.

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Facts about Flappers 9: the sense of freedom

The sense of freedom was spotted on how the women chose their social activities, occupations and garments.

Facts about Flapper

Facts about Flapper

Facts about Flappers 10: automobiles

Automobile played an important role for flappers. It enabled them to go to various places like to the party and entertainment venues.

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