10 Facts about Fire Discovery

Facts about Fire Discovery will tell you on how the early human beings controlled fire. One of the important factors, which determined the culture of human evolution, was fire.  Due to the presence of fire, human being cooked their foods and enjoyed a source of warmth. The behavior and diet of the people were also affected by the fire, which led into the innovations and developments. The human activity is also lengthened when the colder and dark hours come.

Facts about Fire Discovery 1: the first control of fire

The first control of fire was conducted by a member of Homo dated back between 0.2 and 1.7 million years ago according to evidence.

Facts about fire discovery

Facts about fire discovery

Facts about Fire Discovery 2: Homo erectus and fire

Homo erectus was capable to control fire for the first time dated back 600,000 years ago based on the evidence.

Facts about Fire Discovery 3: the modern human and fire

The modern human beings had the ability for control fire around 125,000 years ago.

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fire discovery image

fire discovery image

Facts about Fire Discovery 4: the current findings

The current findings stated that the first controlled use of fire took place one million years ago in South Africa at Wonderwerk Cave.

Facts about Fire Discovery 5: how to create fire

The early human beings were capable to discover the method to create fire over the course of history. It was dated back around 700,000 to 120,000 years ago.

Facts about Fire Discovery 6: other places

Other places in East Africa also provided the evidence related to the control of fire by human being. The findings were found in Olorgesailie in Kenya, Koobi Fora and Chesowanja.

Facts about Fire Discovery 7: the red clay clasts

The red clay clasts were discovered by archaeologists in Chesowanja. To make the clasts hard, it would need 750 degree F or 400 degrees C of temperature. They were traced back around 1.4 million years ago.

fire discovery pic

fire discovery pic

Facts about Fire Discovery 8: the early burning in Asia

The early hominids performed burning according to the evidence found on the mammalian bones in Xihoudu in Shanxi Province, China.

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Facts about Fire Discovery 9: the burned wood at Trinil, Java

The early hominids also used fire to burn wood according to the fossils found at Trinil, Java.

fire discovery

fire discovery

Facts about Fire Discovery 10: the burn deposits

The burn deposits were found at Cave of Hearths in South Africa. They were found at the Klasies River Mouth and Montagu Cave too.

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