10 Facts about Feudal Life

Check Facts about Feudal Life if you want to know the practice of feudalism in England and other parts of the world.  Do you know that the absolute possession of the land was at the hand of king in feudalism? Vassal is a term used to call a person who held the land of the king.  The vassals included the knights, nobles and tenants.  This system is best represented through a system of pyramid. The top part of the pyramid was the king. Let us find out other interesting facts about feudal life below:

Facts about Feudal Life 1: freehold

The land was in freehold if it was granted by the lord or king in indeterminate period.

Feudal Life Image

Feudal Life Image

Facts about Feudal Life 2: the nonheritable condition

The freehold land was not heritable. The successor was capable to hold the land if he or she paid the right amount of feudal relief.

Facts about Feudal Life 3: the position in feudal pyramid

The tenant-in-chief was located below the king. The top part was held by the king as the owner of the land. The baron or knight might serve as the tenant-in-chief. They served as the vassal of the king.

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Feudal Life Map

Feudal Life Map

Facts about Feudal Life 4: the mesne tenant

The mesne tenant was located below the tenant-in-chief.  The basis of feudalism was spotted from the rights and obligations of the lord and vassals related to the fief.

Facts about Feudal Life 5: the varieties of feudal life

A number of varieties occurred in feudal life. The military tenure was divided in two major options. Both were by the barony and by knight service.  The highest degree of tenure was served by a feudal baron. The barons who attended the parliaments were considered as the greater barons.

Facts about Feudal Life 6: the knight

The rank below the barons was the knight. It earned the fief due to their military service.

Facts about Feudal Life 7: the freehold land

The freehold land might be granted for the vassals by frankalmoinage and serjeanty. The latter one was due to their service for the king.

Feudalism in Europe Facts

Feudalism in Europe Facts

Facts about Feudal Life 8: the non-freehold feudalism

The non-freehold feudalism took place by socage and copyhold. The former one was considered as lowest level of tenure.

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Facts about Feudal Life 9: the idea of feudalism

There is no exact explanation related to the idea of feudalism. The people who lived in Middle Ages never considered it as a formal political system.

Facts about Feudal Life

Facts about Feudal Life

Facts about Feudal Life 10: changed concept

The concept of feudalism began to change during the enlightenment era in 18th century.

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