10 Facts about Fascist Italy

Facts about Fascist Italy tell the readers about a form of radical authoritarian nationalism which developed in Italy during the reign of Benito Mussolini. Fascism opposed the anarchism, Marxism and liberalism.  During the First World War, fascism appeared in Italy. In the following years, it affected other countries in Europe in 20th century.

Facts about Fascist Italy 1: Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini was considered as the important figure in fascist Italy.  He wanted Italy to intervene against Austria. However, his idea did not go well in the Socialist Party of Italy. Thus, he had to leave the party in 1914.

Facts about Fascist Italy

Facts about Fascist Italy

Facts about Fascist Italy 2: before the First World War

When Italy occupied Libya, Mussolini stood up to protest it before the First World War. He served as the editor of Avanti! It was the official newspaper of Socialist Party.

Facts about Fascist Italy 3: the revolution

Mussolini always called for revolution in Italy. The Il Popolo d’Italia was the newspaper of Mussolini that he established after getting the fund from an armaments firm Ansaldo and other companies. The primary objective was to support the involvement of Italy in the war.

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Fascist Italy Facts

Fascist Italy Facts

Facts about Fascist Italy 4: the importance of Il Popolo d’Italia

Il Popolo d’Italia symbolized the first newspaper of fascism. Mussolini had participated in the war as an army.

Facts about Fascist Italy 5: the Fasci di Combattimento

The Fasci di Combattimento was established post the First World War. The party rejected the ideas of Italian Socialist party.

Facts about Fascist Italy 6: the original platform

The primary intentions of Fascist Italy at first were centered on the women’s suffrage, proportional representation and social revolution.

Facts about Fascist Italy 7: the political violence

The first political violence of the fascists took place on April 15, 1919 when the offices of Avanti! was attacked by the Fasci di Combattimento. His organization then was renamed into the Partito Nazionale Fascista, which involved in the electoral movement of 1921.

Fascist Italy Logo

Fascist Italy Logo

Facts about Fascist Italy 8: asking for political power

Mussolini wanted political power in the government by taking advantages from the general strike conducted by workers in October 1922.  He became the Prime Minister after making the current prime minister resigned from his position.

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Facts about Fascist Italy 9: King Victor Emmanuel III

Due to the political crisis, King Victor Emmanuel III agreed to make Mussolini the prime minister as long his fascist party supported him.

Fascist Italy

Fascist Italy

Facts about Fascist Italy 10: the Duce

Mussolini was called the Duce by his supporters. Compared other prominent leaders in Europe and Italy, Mussolini was relatively young. He was only 39 years old.

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