10 Facts about Fad Diets

Many people are interested to lose weight. Some want to have great body shape, while others think about the health. One diet type is explained on facts about fad diets.  This diet forces the followers to have unusual food consumptions and restrictive food choice. This kind of diet promises the followers of weight loss and longer life expectancy even though there is no solid science, which backs up the claims.

Facts about Fad Diets 1: the promotion of fad diets

Fad diet has been promoted by at least 296 celebrities. The sale of the associated products is significantly improved when it is endorsed by the notable celebrities.

fad diet Facts

fad diet Facts

Facts about Fad Diets 2: the market for healthy diet

In 19th century, the competitive market of healthy diet was significantly increased. The traditional diet was eradicated due to the presence of commoditization and industrialization of food supplies.

Facts about Fad Diets 3: the pleasure based diet

The pleasure-based diet is performed by most people on earth today without thinking about the health consequences.

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fad diet

fad diet

Facts about Fad Diets 4: the healthy diet cults

The healthy diet cults are established to convince the followers that it is the best diet for them to have longer life, great healthy benefit and fast weight loss. However, the diet is not scientifically proved.

Facts about Fad Diets 5: the primary characteristic of fad diet

The primary characteristic of fad diet is seen on the requirement of the followers to pay for seminar attendance and buy the products.

Facts about Fad Diets 6: the endorsement

The fad diet will reach many followers if they are endorsed by the medical professionals or even celebrities. They are often called as the gurus.

Facts about Fad Diets 7: the profit

They endorse the fad diet and generate profit from the public speaking, books, and sales of branded books.

fad diets

fad diets

Facts about Fad Diets 8: the followers

The followers of fad diet are those who want to lose weight fast and those who want regain the health benefits.

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Facts about Fad Diets 9: the scientific explanation

The scientific explanation does not support the exaggerated claims of fad diets.

Facts about fad diets

Facts about fad diets

Facts about Fad Diets 10:  the study of Boston University School of Medicine

It takes five years for almost 98 percent of people to lose weight based on the study of Boston University School of Medicine.  The people who lose weight fast cannot sustain the weight because they tend to come back to the old habit.

Actually losing weight is easy when people eat many vegetables and fruits, exercise more, stay away from junk food, and eat less. What do you think on facts about Fad Diets?