10 Facts about FEMA

Look at Facts about FEMA if you want to know an agency of US Department of Homeland Security. FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency. Presidential Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1978 created this agency. On 1st April 1979, two Executive Orders made this agency in function. Do you know the main purpose of FEMA? It gives the immediate response related to the disaster, which struck US. The state of emergency must be declared by the state governor. FEMA and federal government of United States will respond to it. Here is other useful information about FEMA to notice:

Facts about FEMA 1: the areas covered by FEMA

FEMA is not only operated within United States. It also covers the US territories like Puerto Rico.



Facts about FEMA 2: response personnel

The preparedness effort is also conducted by FEMA. The response personnel will be trained from the funds collected by FEMA.

Facts about FEMA 3: the establishment of federal agency

The federal emergency agency has been operated in United States for more than 200 years in different forms.

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Facts about FEMA

Facts about FEMA

Facts about FEMA 4: fires in Portsmouth

The port city of Portsmouth in New Hampshire had to deal with a series of several fires in the beginning of 19th century.

Facts about FEMA 5: relief

A relief was provided by the seventh United States Congress by giving more time to remit tariff on the Portsmouth merchants. It was considered as the earliest form of relief responded by the federal government toward a disaster.

Facts about FEMA 6: the number of relief

The number of relief conducted by ad hoc legislation in 1803 until 1930 was over 100. In June 1893, John T. Ford’s Theater collapsed. Those injured in the building were given compensation after legislation was passed by the 54th Congress.

Facts about FEMA 7: absorption

FEMA was absorbed into DHS or Department of Homeland Security since 1 March 2003. On 31 March 2007, it stood on its own as FEMA. However, it is still a part of DHS.



Facts about FEMA 8: campaign

The coordination campaign to empower and educate the Americans on how to deal with man-made and natural disaster was coordinated by FEMA in the fall of 2008. It was called Ready Campaign.

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Facts about FEMA 9: the annual budget

The annual budget of FEMA reaches $13 billion. It will be distributed to the states, which face disasters.



Facts about FEMA 10: training

FEMA also focuses to give training classes for the Americans with the cooperation of schools, universities, colleges and state level.

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