10 Facts about Federal Government

Let us check the complete information about the national government of United States on Facts about Federal Government. United States is one of the most powerful countries in the world. It consists of one district, Washington D.C. and fifty states.  In North America, United States is always an example of a republic. US actually also has a number of territories. Three branches compose the federal government of United States. They are the judicial, executive and legislative branches. Here are other important facts about federal government to notice:

Facts about Federal Government 1: the power of the branches

The federal court’s power is centered on the judicial branch. President has the executive power. The legislative power is at the hand of Congress according to the United States constitution.

Facts about Federal Government
Facts about Federal Government

Facts about Federal Government 2: the acts of Congress

The acts of Congress will determine the duties and powers that each branch has.

Facts about Federal Government 3: the government of US

The constitution lays the foundation of US government. In 1789, the government was established. There is no need to wonder that it earns the status as one of the oldest modern national constitutional republic countries in the world.

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Federal Government Image
Federal Government Image

Facts about Federal Government 4: the principles

There are two primary principles applied in the government of US. Both are republicanism and federalism.

Facts about Federal Government 5: the power

There are two main divisions of government in US. They are the state government and federal government. Both share the power.

Facts about Federal Government 6: the extent of power

The amount of power of the state and federal governments has been debated over the course of the history. Some people want more power for the federal government. Others believe in the opposite direction.

Facts about Federal Government 7: the highest judiciary authority

The judges who will sit at the highest judiciary authority in the Supreme Court will be nominated by the President. However, the congress should approve the candidate.

Federal Government Pic
Federal Government Pic

Facts about Federal Government 8: the US congress

The legislative branch on the federal government of United States is at the hand of congress. It is divided into Senate and House of Representative. It has the bicameral system.

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Facts about Federal Government 9: the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives in United States has 435 voting members today. They sit in the house for a two-year term.

Federal Government
Federal Government

Facts about Federal Government 10: the President of US

President of United States takes the executive power in federal government. The person who sits as the president is the winner of the election.

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