10 Facts about FDA

Get Facts about FDA by reading the following post. FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration. This federal agency concerns with the public health. It has the duties to promote public health by supervising and controlling various products such as medications, prescription, dietary supplements, tobacco products, food safety, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, veterinary products, cosmetics, electromagnetic radiation emitting devices, medical devices and blood transfusions.

Facts about FDA 1: the budget

The pharmaceutical companies provide the fund for FDA.  The agency has $700 million for their budget as of 2017.

Facts about FDA

Facts about FDA

Facts about FDA 2: United States Congress

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act were enforced by the US Congress to support and empower FDA.

Facts about FDA 3: other laws

A number of regulations, which have nothing to do with drugs and foods, are also enforced by FDA.  The examples of the regulations include condoms, lasers, sperm donation and cellular phones.

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FDA Building

FDA Building

Facts about FDA 4: the leader of FDA

Who is the leader of FDA? The Commissioner of Food and Drugs will serve as the agency’s leader. The current commissioner is Dr. Robert M. Califf, MD. He will directly report to Secretary of Health and Human.

Facts about FDA 5:  who appoints the leader of FDA?

The Senate will share their consent and advice to the President when appointing the leader of FDA.

Facts about FDA 6: the headquarters

White Oak, Maryland features the headquarters of FDA.  It also has 13 laboratories and 223 field offices, which spread in 50 states of US, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

Facts about FDA 7: employees in other countries

Some countries in the world like Costa Rica, India, China, UK, Belgium and Chile have the FDA employees posted there since 2008.

FDA Facts

FDA Facts

Facts about FDA 8: the regulation of cosmetics

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition is a branch of FDA responsible for regulating cosmetic and foods. All colors found on the cosmetics should be approved by FDA before they are used to create the products. Labeling the cosmetic is also regulated by the agency.

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Facts about FDA 9: veterinary products

The veterinary products are regulated by FDA, which include the drugs, food additives and foods for all animals. The branch of FDA, which deals with this regulation, is CVM or Center for Veterinary Medicine.

FDA Logo

FDA Logo

Facts about FDA 10: animal vaccines

Animal vaccines are not the responsibility of CMV. The US Department of Agriculture regulates vaccines for animals.

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