10 Facts about Fjords

Facts about Fjords talk about a natural feature of earth. The glacial erosion forms a fjord. It is defined as a narrow and long inlet with steep cliffs or sides. It can be found in various coasts in the world like in Labrador, Chile, British Columbia, Alaska, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, Nunavut, Washington, Scotland, New Zealand, Norway, Kerguelen Islands and Novaya Zemlya.  Get other interesting facts about fjord by reading the below post:

Facts about Fjords 1: the number of fjord in Norway

The number of fjord in the coastlines of Norway reaches 1,190 fjords. It spans on 29,000 kilometers of area.

Fjord Facts

Fjord Facts

Facts about Fjords 2: the formation

Do you know the formation of fjords? The abrasion and ice segregation made the U-shaped valley cut by a glacier.

Facts about Fjords 3: accompaniment

The rebounding of Earth’s crust usually accompanies the glacial melting. It comes in the form of removal of eroded sediment and ice load removal.

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Fjords Image

Fjords Image

Facts about Fjords 4:  the rise of sea level

The rise of sea level usually is slower than the rebound of earth’s crust.

Facts about Fjords 5: the depth of fjords

The depth of fjord located in Norway called Sognefjord has the depth of 4,265 feet or 1,300 metres below the sea elevation. Compared to the adjacent sea, it is deeper.

Facts about Fjords 6: the mouth

The mouth of fjords usually features a shoal or sill due to the terminal moraine or decreased rate of erosion. The large saltwater rapids and extreme currents are mainly caused by the sill. The strongest tidal current in the world is often spotted in Norway at Saltstraumen. That is why rias and fjords are distinguished.

Facts about Fjords 7: winter season

The freshwater inflow is decreased on the fjords during the winter season. Moreover, it has mixed deeper water and surface water. However, the freshwater is still spotted in the deeper fjords taken from the left freshwater from the summer season.



Facts about Fjords 8: layer of brackish water

A layer of brackish water is spotted when the freshwater and saltwater are mixed on fjords.

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Facts about Fjords 9: the low oxygen

The deep water on the fjords is not an appropriate place for animals and fish to live due to the low amount of oxygen.

Facts about Fjords

Facts about Fjords

Facts about Fjords 10: coral reeds

According to the reports in 2000, the bottom areas of fjords in Norway featured a number of coral reefs.

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