Top 10 Facts about February

We will talk about the second month in Gregorian and Julian calendars on Facts about February. The only month, which has the length of less than 30 days, is February. Thus, it is called the shortest month. In the leap year, it has 29 days. However, it has one day less in common years. February is considered as the last month of summer season for those who live in Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, it takes the 3rd month of meteorological winter.

Facts about February 1: the name

The name February is taken from Latin word of februum. It has the meaning of purification. Februarius was a Roman month.

Facts about February

Facts about February

Facts about February 2: purification ritual

The month was named Februarius because Februa or purification ritual took place on 15th of February according to the old lunar Roman calendar.

Facts about February 3: in Roman calendar

In the Roman calendar, February serves as the last month. Then it was placed as the second month circa 450 BC.

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February Facts

February Facts

Facts about February 4: observances of February

The Ancient Rome observed February in a number of days. February 13 to 15 was called Lupercalia and Februa. February 2 was Sementivae. February 22 and February 21 were called Caristia and Feralia respectively. Parentalia was February 13 to 22. February 27 was called Agonium Martiale.

Facts about February 5: the reforms of Julian calendar

The leap year was introduced in Julian calendar by removing the Intercalaris. The leap year occurs once every four years. February will have 29 days during the leap years.

Facts about February 6: in Finnish

February was known as helmikuu in Finnish. The word means month of the pearl due to the melting snow.

Facts about February 7: meteor showers

A number of meteor showers take place in February. In the early February, it has Alpha Centaurids. In mid-February, the Omicron Centaurids are at the peak.

February Viola

February Viola

Facts about February 8: zodiac

Aquarius is the zodiac sign for the people born in until 19th February.  If you were born on February 20th onwards, you have Pisces.

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Facts about February 9: the birthstone and flower

Amethyst is the birthstone for the people born in February. Primula vulgaris or primrose and violet are the common birth flowers.



Facts about February 10: events

Various important events occur in February. Korean observes Daeboreum on February 11th. Shia day of Remembrance takes place on February 7th. In United States, National Wear Red Day is observed on February 3rd.

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