10 Facts about Flag Day

Facts about Flag Day talk about an important celebration in United States. On 14th of June, people in US celebrate the event. The primary purpose is for commemorating the adoption of US flag. The resolution of the Second Continental Congress marked the adoption of the flag on 14 June 1777. Actually, the anniversary of United States Army also takes place on the day. The American continental army was adopted by the congress on 14 June 1775. Let us get other interesting facts about Flag Day by reading the below post:

Facts about Flag Day 1: President Woodrow Wilson

The Flag Day was officially proclaimed on June 14 by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916.

Flag Day Facts
Flag Day Facts

Facts about Flag Day 2: is it a federal holiday?

If you think that Flag Day is a federal holiday, you are wrong. An Act of Congress established National Flag Day in August 1946.

Facts about Flag Day 3: the official statute

The official statute of Flag Day is spotted on Title 36 of US Code. However, the observance of Flag Day was under the official proclamation of the president of United States.

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Flag Day
Flag Day

Facts about Flag Day 4: the state holiday

It was celebrated as the state holiday for the first time in Pennsylvania on 14 June 1937.  It took place in Rennerdale.

Facts about Flag Day 5: the celebration in New York

The second Sunday of June was designated as Flag Day according to the statues of New York.

Facts about Flag Day 6: the Flag Day parade

The Flag Day parade is very popular. Fairfield, Washington has the oldest continuous celebration of Flag Day parade in United States.

Facts about Flag Day 7: the beginning of parade

The Flag Day parade is celebrated annually in Fairfield, Washington.  It was started in 1909 or 1910. In 2010, the centennial parade took place.

Facts about Flag Day
Facts about Flag Day

Facts about Flag Day 8: the oldest national flag parade

Since 1950, Appleton, Wisconsin has celebrated the national Flag Day parade.  Since 1952, the annual parade has been launched in Quincy Massachusetts.

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Facts about Flag Day 9: the largest Flag Day parade

Troy, New York claims to have the largest Flag Day parade in United States where it gains attention from 50,000 audiences.

Flag Day US
Flag Day US

Facts about Flag Day 10: other celebration

Another big celebration of Flag Day parade takes place in Three Oaks, Michigan. This event lasts for three days.

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