10 Facts about Fat Tuesday

The famous celebration of Mardi Gras is explained on Facts about Fat Tuesday. People also call it Shrove Tuesday. The peak of the celebration takes place one day before Ash Wednesday. It begins on or after Epiphany. People celebrate it by having carnivals all over the city. The Fat Tuesday is called Mardi gras in French. The term Fat Tuesday is used because the people will eat a lot of food on the last night before the fasting event on the Lent.

Facts about Fat Tuesday 1: Lent

Lent is always linked with fasting. Before the Christians do this obligation, they will eat fat foods.

Facts about Fat Tuesday

Facts about Fat Tuesday

Facts about Fat Tuesday 2: Shrove Tuesday

Another term of Fat Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday. The word Shrove means confess.

Facts about Fat Tuesday 3: the celebratory events

Fat Tuesday is always held with celebratory events in many cities in America. The tradition is varied from one city to another city.  Fat Tuesday is held on the Twelfth Night until Ash Wednesday in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Fat Tuesday Facts

Fat Tuesday Facts

Facts about Fat Tuesday 4: the social events

The social events take place in November in Mobile Alabama.  The celebration is also associated with Fat Tuesday.

Facts about Fat Tuesday 5: the parades and balls

People celebrate Fat Tuesday in many ways. Some cities decide to throw balls and parades after the New Year’s Eve.

Facts about Fat Tuesday 6: Rio de Janeiro

Have you ever visited Rio de Janeiro before? This city is famous in the world due to the amazing Mardi gras celebration.

Facts about Fat Tuesday 7: Shrovetide

Shrovetide is used to call a week before Ash Wednesday in Ireland and United Kingdom. The people also celebrate it with carnivals.

Fat Tuesday Image

Fat Tuesday Image

Facts about Fat Tuesday 8: the traditional foods

Can you mention the traditional food served during Fat Tuesday? Pancake is the most popular one. However, people also serve pastries.  Eggs, fat and sugars are used to make the breads and pastries. The people who live in various regions in Latin America like to consume those foods.

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Facts about Fat Tuesday 9: Victoria Park

Victoria Park in Sydney is visited by at least 70,000 people during the Mardi Gras Parade and event. The visitors may enjoy the Fair Day, Mardi Gras Film Festival, Harbour Party and Bondy Beach Drag Races.

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday

Facts about Fat Tuesday 10: Carnival of Binche

Carnival of Binche is the peak celebration of Mardi Gras in Binche, Belgium. The people will play traditional song and dance.

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