10 Facts about Fashion Week

One of the famous events in fashion is explained on Facts about Fashion Week.  The latest collection of the prominent fashion houses, brands and designers in the world will be displayed on the runways. The media and spectators will come to see the beauty of the latest collections. This event will be held to show the fashion lovers the current fashion in the upcoming season. There are four capitals in the world, which hold the notable fashion weeks.

Facts about Fashion Week 1: the hosts for the fashion weeks

The Big Four is the term used to call the four fashion capitals in the world, which hold the famous fashion week event. They are London, Paris, New York and Milan. The press coverage is definitely extensive. Thus, the people can see the latest collection of the famous designers.

Facts about Fashion Week

Facts about Fashion Week

Facts about Fashion Week 2: other important fashion weeks

The fashion week is also held in other big cities in the world like in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Rome, Madrid, Los Angeles, Berlin and Shanghai.

Facts about Fashion Week 3: the beginning of fashion week

The history of fashion week was traced back in Paris. This city is always known as the famous fashion capital. The women would be hired by the famous houses or brands to wear their haute couture fashion in public.

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Fashion Week Ideas

Fashion Week Ideas

Facts about Fashion Week 4: a social event

The women who wore the couture had to walk in parade in public place. This event turned to be a social event in the city.

Facts about Fashion Week 5: the runway show

The term défilés de mode is used by the French people to call the runway shows. The literal meaning of the term is fashion parade.

Facts about Fashion Week 6: Ehrich Brothers

Ehrich Brothers was a shop in New York City, which attracted the middle-class women to come to the shore by having the first fashion show in United States in 1903.

Facts about Fashion Week 7: department stores

The fashion show has been popular over the years. The fashion shows have been conducted by many department stores by 1910.

Fashion Week

Fashion Week

Facts about Fashion Week 8: New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week was held for the first time in 1943. The primary objective was to take over the attention of the people from French fashion due to the Second World War. At that time, it was impossible for the fashion industry to go to Paris. Thus, they held their own fashion parade.

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Facts about Fashion Week 9: the couture show in Paris

In 1945, the couture show was held in Paris.

Fashion Week Facts

Fashion Week Facts

Facts about Fashion Week 10: London Fashion Week

The British Fashion Council established London Fashion Week in 1984.

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