Top 10 Facts about Films

A form of popular entertainment is explained on Facts about Films. People call it with different terms such as photoplay, theatrical film, motion picture or a movie.  When you watch a film, you will spot moving images on screen. The phi phenomenon explains the illusion of moving images.  Filmmaking today is a major industry not only in America but also in other parts of the world like Europe and India. Get other interesting facts about films below:

Facts about Films 1: a motion picture camera

A motion picture camera will be used to photograph the actual scenes for the films.  It can be conducted using various tools.  The filmmakers can combine the modern and traditional techniques. Miniature models and drawings are considered as the traditional techniques applied in animation.  If you want modern effect, the computer animation and CGI are great to use.

Facts about Films

Facts about Films

Facts about Films 2: cinematography

The term cinematography is used to call the art of filmmaking as well as the film industry.

Facts about Films 3: the definition of cinematography

Cinematography is more complex for the film is used to build the sensory stimulation by emphasizing on the atmosphere, beauty, feeling, perception, ideas and stories.

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Film Facts

Film Facts

Facts about Films 4: film in the past

The plastic film will be used to record the films in the past. It performed the photochemical process.  The films would be shown on a large screen using a movie projector.

Facts about Films 5: the digital process

Due to the development of technology, the digital process is applied to create films.

Facts about Films 6: the importance of film

Film plays an important role in the culture of the people. It is used as a medium for entertainment, art and education due to its ability to communicate ideas and doctrines.

Facts about Films 7: the popular films

The popular films earn a special status. They will be translated in other languages so that other people from different parts of the world can enjoy the movie.

Film Studio

Film Studio

Facts about Films 8: criticism

Even though film is a popular source of entertainment, it still receives criticism due to its negative portrayal on women and the usage of violent content.

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Facts about Films 9: the term

The term film is derived from the photographic film.



Facts about Films 10: the first motion picture

Can you guess the first motion picture in the world? In 1893, Edison Manufacturing Company produced the first kinetoscope film.

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