Top 10 Facts about Family Guy

Fox Broadcasting Company is popular TV station in United States. It has various interesting programs and TV series. One of them is Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane is the creator of this American adult animated sitcom. The Griffins are the central characters in the sitcom. The parents are Lois and Peter. They have three children. Their names are Meg, Chris and Stewie. Brian is the name of their pet dog. Let us discuss Facts about Family Guy below:

Facts about Family Guy 1: the setting of place

If you have watched Family Guy before, you must know the setting of place. Quahog, Rhode Island is considered as the fictional set of the show.

Family Guy

Family Guy

Facts about Family Guy 2: having a pitch

In 1998, MacFarlane presented to Fox his pitch for seven minutes about his idea on the sitcom. The production was started after he earned the greenlit.

Facts about Family Guy 3: the debut

The debut of Family Guy was on 31st January 1999.  The number of episodes of the sitcom, which had been aired, reached 283 episodes.

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Family Guy Setting

Family Guy Setting

Facts about Family Guy 4: the 15th season

On 25th September 2016, the 15th season of Family Guy was broadcasted.

Facts about Family Guy 5: the nomination

Due to the popularity and critical reception, Family Guy earned 11 Annie Award nominations and 12 Primetime Emmy Award nominations. It received Outstanding Comedy Series nomination from Primetime Emmy Award in 2009.

Facts about Family Guy 6: criticism

Despite the popularity and number of episodes, Family Guy still received criticism. Some believe that The Simpsons is more favorable than the sitcom.

Facts about Family Guy 7: the spin off series

On 27th September 2009 until 19th May 2013, The Cleveland Show was broadcasted. It was the spin-off series.

Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane

Facts about Family Guy 8: the voice actor

Besides being an executive producer, MacFarlane lends his voice for Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin and Peter Griffin.

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Facts about Family Guy 9: Seth Green

Seth Green also joins the production of Family Guy by giving his voice for Neil Goldman and Chris Griffin. Meg Griffin character is voiced by Mila Kunis and Lacey Chabert. Due to the time conflict, Chabert had to let go the role.

Facts about Family Guy

Facts about Family Guy

Facts about Family Guy 10: the guest voices

The guest voices are also presented in Family Guy.  They come from the various professions like scientists, musicians, bands, writer, actors and sportsmen.

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