Top 10 Facts about Fallout

Facts about Fallout tell us about a series of popular video games in the world. Interplay Entertainment is the creator of the role-playing game. The post-war culture in 1950s America inspired the creator to create the setting of Fallout. It presents the retrofuturistic style of 22nd and 23rd centuries. Fallout focuses on the theme of nuclear usage and technology. Wasteland is the precursor of Fallout released in 1988. The similarities of Wasteland and Fallout are seen from the inhabitants, background story, characters and settings. Let us find out the details about Fallout below:

Facts about Fallout 1: the first and second series

Fallout comes in a number of series. The first one is entitled Fallout. The second series is entitled Fallout 2. Black Isle Studios is the developer of both series.

Fallout Pic

Fallout Pic

Facts about Fallout 2: the tactical role-playing

If you are interested with the tactical role-playing game of Fallout, you need to check Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel released in 2001. The Black Isle Studios was closed by Interplay in 2004.

Facts about Fallout 3: the third series

Bethesda Softworks released Fallout 3 in 2008. It is the third installment of Fallout series. In 2010, Obsidian Entertainment released Fallout: New Vegas.

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Facts about Fallout 4: Fallout 4

It seems that Fallout is a very popular game for it comes in a number of installments. On 3rd June 2015, an announcement about Fallout 4 was made by the officials. On 10th November 2015, the fourth installment was released.

Facts about Fallout 5: the rights for production

The rights to produce Fallout Games are the hand of Bethesda Softworks. There was a dispute between Bethesda Softworks and Interplay. The court’s decision was in favor for Bethesda Soft works.

Facts about Fallout 6: the first installment

The first installment of Fallout was released in 1997.  The setting of time was in 2161, while the setting of place was located in Southern California.

Facts about Fallout 7: Vault Dweller

Who is Vault Dweller? They are the protagonists in Fallout who have a mission to recover a water chip to replace the broken chip located at Vault 13. The new chip is located in Wasteland.

Fallout Series

Fallout Series

Facts about Fallout 8: the enemies

Taking the chip from Wasteland is not easy for the Vault Dweller have to fight against The Master who leads a group of mutants.

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Facts about Fallout 9: the second installment

In 1998, the second installment was released with some improvements. The players enjoy the changes on the game world as well enhanced game engine.

Facts about Fallout

Facts about Fallout

Facts about Fallout 10: the player’s role

The Chosen One is considered as the player’s role in Fallout.

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