10 Facts about Film Noir

Facts about Film Noir talk about a genre of movies. The primary characteristics found in film noir are related to the sexual motivations and cynical attitudes.  This term is often used to define the stylish crime drama in Hollywood. The period of 1940s until 1950s was defined as the classical film noir in Hollywood.  During the period, the visual style of film noir was defined with black and white color and low-key style. It was derived from the German expressionist cinematography. Why don’t you look at the below post for details about film noir?

Facts about Film Noir 1: the term film noir

The closer meaning of film noir is dark film. In French, the literal meaning of film noir is black film.

Facts about Film Noir

Facts about Film Noir

Facts about Film Noir 2: Nino Frank

In 1946, Nino Frank known as a French critic used the term film noir for the first time to describe the Hollywood films.

Facts about Film Noir 3: melodramas

At that film, film noir was called melodramas by the American film industry. The term film noir started to use in 1970s.

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Film Noir Facts

Film Noir Facts

Facts about Film Noir 4: plots

There are wide ranges of plots of film noir. It may focus on the theme of a law-abiding citizen reflected in the movie Gun Crazy. Night and the City is also included as a type of film noir, which emphasizes on a hapless gifter. The Big Heat talks about a plainclothes policeman. The Big Sleep focuses the film noir on a private investigator as the primary character. Other movies included in film noir are D.O. A. and The Ste-Up.

Facts about Film Noir 5: the Hollywood production

Film noir is often linked with the Hollywood production. Since the genre is popular, it is also produced in other film productions in many parts of the world.

Facts about Film Noir 6: the films in 1960s

The elements of film noir are spotted on the films released in 1960s. Therefore, they were called as neo-noir films.

Facts about Film Noir 7: German Expressionism

An artistic movement in Germany, which took place in 1910s and 1920s called German Expressionism, inspired the film noir.

Film Noir

Film Noir

Facts about Film Noir 8: the famous directors

The famous directors who shot film noir included Michael Curtiz, Robert Siodmak and Lang.

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Facts about Film Noir 9: the film noir of Curtiz

Private Detective 62 (1933) and 20,000 Years in Sing Sing (1932) were the two major movies directed by Curtiz which reflected film noir.

Film Noir Poster

Film Noir Poster

Facts about Film Noir 10: the first major film noir

The first major film noir during the classical era was The Maltese Falcon (1941).

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