10 Facts about Fallout 3

The third installment of Fallout game series is explained on Facts about Fallout 3. Bethesda Game Studios is the developer. In October 2008, it was released in the market for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. The setting of Fallout 3 is located in Capital Wasteland, which covers the countryside and ruins of Washington during post-apocalyptic era.

Facts about Fallout 3 1: the setting of time

The setting of time of Fallout 3 took place 36 years after Fallout 2. It occurred in 2277.

Fallout 3 Facts

Fallout 3 Facts

Facts about Fallout 3 2: the player’s role

The protagonists of Fallout 3 are the residents of Vault 101 controlled by the players of the game.

Facts about Fallout 3 3: the reception

The reception of Fallout 3 was great. The critics love it. There is no need to wonder that it earned various Games of the Year awards.

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Fallout 3 Image

Fallout 3 Image

Facts about Fallout 3 4: the best features

The best features cited by the critics include the versatile leveling system of characters and open-ended gameplay. Some people call it as the best game of all time.

Facts about Fallout 3 5: the sales

During the first month after its first release, the sales reached more than 610,000 units. The sale record defeated The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Facts about Fallout 3 6: the post-launch support

Five downloadable add-ons were released by Bethesda as the post launch-support for Fallout 3.

Facts about Fallout 3 7: the controversy

Even though Fallout 3 was super popular, the controversy occurred during the Australian release. It was associated with drug and alcohol addiction. Another controversial issue is related to the mutated cattle in the game in India.

Fallout 3 Banner

Fallout 3 Banner

Facts about Fallout 3 8: the health of characters

There are two types of character’s health in the game. They are the Limbs and HP. The general health of the character is seen on the latter one. The former one is used to define the body parts of character’s health, which include torso, head, legs or arms.

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Facts about Fallout 3 9: the negative health effects

The withdrawal symptoms and radiation poisoning may affect the health of characters.

Facts about Fallout 3

Facts about Fallout 3

Facts about Fallout 3 10: the withdrawal symptoms

The addiction of alcohol and drugs are included in the withdrawal symptoms, which decline the character’s health.

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