10 Fun Facts about Franklin College

Franklin College, located in Franklin, Indiana, is a private liberal arts institution with a rich history dating back to its founding in 1834. The college’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education is reflected in its diverse academic programs and a strong emphasis on experiential learning. With a picturesque campus featuring historic architecture and modern facilities, Franklin College provides a vibrant and supportive environment for students to explore their passions and develop the skills needed for success in their chosen fields.

The college offers a range of undergraduate programs across disciplines such as arts and sciences, business, and education. Students benefit from small class sizes, fostering close relationships with professors and creating an engaging learning atmosphere. Franklin College’s dedication to experiential learning is evident in its internship opportunities, study abroad programs, and community engagement initiatives, all designed to provide students with practical, real-world experiences that complement their academic studies.

Beyond academics, Franklin College has a strong tradition of promoting leadership, service, and character development. The college’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals is evident in its diverse extracurricular activities, including student organizations, athletics, and community service projects. As a liberal arts institution, Franklin College strives to prepare students not only for successful careers but also to be informed, ethical, and responsible contributors to their communities and the world at large.

Franklin College
Franklin College

To know more about Franklin College, let’s take a look at these 10 fun facts about Franklin College.

  1. Founded in 1834: Franklin College holds the distinction of being the first college in Indiana to be founded by the state legislature, with its establishment dating back to 1834.
  2. Historic Campus: The college’s campus features a blend of historic and modern architecture. The Old Main building, constructed in 1842, stands as a testament to the college’s longstanding history.
  3. Liberal Arts Tradition: Franklin College is rooted in the liberal arts tradition, offering a comprehensive education that emphasizes critical thinking, communication skills, and a broad-based understanding of various disciplines.
  4. Community Engagement: The college places a strong emphasis on community engagement, encouraging students to participate in service-learning projects and community service initiatives that have a positive impact beyond the campus.
  5. Small Class Sizes: With a commitment to personalized education, Franklin College maintains small class sizes, allowing for individualized attention and meaningful interactions between students and faculty.
  6. Practical Learning Opportunities: Students at Franklin College have access to a variety of practical learning opportunities, including internships, research projects, and study abroad programs that enhance their academic experiences.
  7. Competitive Athletics: The college’s athletic teams, known as the Grizzlies, compete in NCAA Division III sports. Franklin College has a rich athletic tradition and offers a range of sports for student-athletes to participate in.
  8. Homecoming Tradition: The college’s Homecoming celebration is a lively tradition, bringing together alumni, current students, and the local community for a weekend of festivities, including athletic events, parades, and reunions.
  9. Diverse Student Organizations: Franklin College boasts a diverse range of student organizations and clubs, providing opportunities for students to pursue interests ranging from academic and professional development to cultural and recreational activities.
  10. Presidential Home: The Franklin College campus is home to the Johnson House, a historic residence that serves as the official home of the college president. It adds a touch of historical charm to the campus landscape.

Founded in 1834, Franklin College proudly holds the distinction of being the first college in the state established by the legislature. With its historic architecture, including the iconic Old Main building, and a commitment to the liberal arts, Franklin College provides a dynamic and nurturing environment for students. The college’s emphasis on community engagement, small class sizes, and practical learning opportunities reflects its dedication to shaping well-rounded individuals. From competitive athletics and diverse student organizations to a vibrant Homecoming tradition, Franklin College offers a rich tapestry of experiences that contribute to the growth and success of its students. As a liberal arts institution, it continues to inspire a commitment to lifelong learning, ethical leadership, and active citizenship, leaving an enduring impact on the lives of those who pass through its halls.