10 Facts about Fisk University

Look at Facts about Fisk University if you want to know one of the private historically black universities in United States. In 1866, it was established in Nashville, Tennessee. National Register of Historic Places enlisted the university as a historic district on its 160,000-meter square or 40 acres of campus. Let us find out other interesting facts about Fisk University below:

Facts about Fisk University 1: accreditation

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools awarded accreditation to Fisk University in 1930. It became the first African-American institution, which earned it.

Facts about Fisk University 2: the oldest structure

The oldest structure in Fisk University was Fisk University. The Victorian architectural building was called Jubilee Hall.

Facts about Fisk University 3: the features

Fisk University features materials linked with Charles W. Chesnutt and a music literature collection.

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Facts about Fisk University 4: paintings

Alfred Stieglitz was known as an art patron and photographer whose wife donated some paintings of his in the Fisk in 1949.

Facts about Fisk University 5: the collection of painting

The paintings donated by the wife of Alfred Stieglitz included the works of the notable artists such as Diego Rivera, Pablo Picasso, Arthur Dove, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Marsden Hartley, and Paul Cezanne.

Facts about Fisk University 6: financial difficulties

Fisk University had to deal with financial difficulties in 2005, which made them sell two of donated paintings, Hartley’s “Painting No. 3,” and O’Keeffe’s “Radiator Building”. Both were sold at the combined price of US$45 million.

Facts about Fisk University 7: the science

One of the best programs in Fisk is science program. Compared to other institutions, the university had more PhD-graduated students in natural science.

Facts about Fisk University 8: the ranking

It took no. 171 from all universities according to the United States News and World Report. In the list of the historically black colleges and universities, it took number 7 in 2016. In the southeast, it was included in the list of best colleges in United States according the Princeton Review.

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Facts about Fisk University 9: the athletics

The Bulldog is the nickname of Fisk University teams. It participated at Gulf Coast Athletic Conference. The sports for women include volleyball, track and field, softball, cross-country and basketball. The sports for men include track and field, tennis, cross-country, basketball.

Facts about Fisk University
Facts about Fisk University

Facts about Fisk University 10: the prominent alumni

The prominent alumni included Marion Barry, Lil Hardin Armstrong, Joyce Bolden, John Betsch and Cora Brown.

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