10 Facts about Finland Education

The education system in Finland is explained on Facts about Finland Education. The students in Finland do not have to pay any tuition fees. Moreover, the full-time students are subsidized with free meals. The daycare programs are available in the present education system of the country. It is mainly focused on the toddlers and babies. When the students are at the age of seven, they have to follow the compulsory basic comprehensive school for nine years. It ends when the students are 16 years old. The 6-years old students have to follow a kindergarten or pre-school for one year. Here are other interesting facts about Finland education below:

Facts about Finland Education 1: the next education

After following the basic compulsory education, the students are enrolled to post-compulsory secondary general academic and vocational education. They may continue the education to University.

Facts about Finland Education

Facts about Finland Education

Facts about Finland Education 2: the comprehensive school system

The comprehensive school system in Finland is publicly funded to present excellence and equality of education.

Facts about Finland Education 3: the school network

The school network in Finland is spreading all over the country so that the students are capable to enroll in the nearest school from their house.

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Finland Education

Finland Education

Facts about Finland Education 4: the students in rural areas

The students who live in the rural areas will be provided with free transportation if the school is very far from their homes.

Facts about Finland Education 5: low achievement

The low achievement of students is minimized by having instructional efforts and inclusive special education. It applies the education system of Nordic style.

Facts about Finland Education 6: the post-basic compulsory education

There are two options available for the students who have finished their basic compulsory education. They may choose a vocational school or academic school. The former one is called ammattikoulu, while the latter one is lukio.

Facts about Finland Education 7: the length of post-basic compulsory education

The length for the post-basic compulsory education is three years.

University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki

Facts about Finland Education 8: the tertiary education

Two options are also available for the students when pursuing the tertiary education. They may choose polytechnic or university. The former one is known as ammattikorkeakoulu.

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Facts about Finland Education 9: the degrees from university

The degrees awarded by the universities in Finland are the licentiate and doctoral degrees.

University of Helsinki Building

University of Helsinki Building

Facts about Finland Education 10: the applied science university

Finland is a home for 27 universities of applied science and 17 universities.

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