10 Facts about FAU

Let me show you the details about the public university in Boca Raton, Florida on Facts about FAU. FAU stands for Florida Atlantic University. People also call it Florida Atlantic. FAU has five satellite campuses. They are situated in Fort Pierce, Jupiter, Davie, Dania Beach and Fort Lauderdale. The people from South Florida are served by FAU for the higher educational institution. South Florida is a home for 5 million residents.

Facts about FAU 1: Carnegie Foundation

According to Carnegie Foundation, the research activity at FAU is higher. Thus, it is categorized as a research university.

FAU Facts
FAU Facts

Facts about FAU 2: programs

FAU provides at least 180 undergraduate and graduate degree programs for the students.

Facts about FAU 3: the study

There are various studies offered by the university such as computer science, engineering, architecture, social work, public administration, business, nursing, sciences, humanities, accounting and education.

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Facts about FAU 4: the initial enrollment

The first public university in southeast Florida was opened in 1964 under the name Florida Atlantic. It received 867 students.

Facts about FAU 5: the enrollment in 2012

FAU had more than 30,000 students for the enrolment in 2012. The students are from 50 states and 140 countries in the world.

Facts about FAU 6: development

FAU has been developed to increase its standard as a university.  The university has new facilities improve the research funding, increase the admission standards and collaborate with the notable research institutions in the world.

Facts about FAU 7: the main campus

The major campus of FAU is housed in Boca Raton. In 1964, the building was established on an airbase of American Army used during the Second World War.  The classrooms, labs, aquatic research, student housing, recreational facilities, athletic facilities and a movie theater are included in the main campus.


Facts about FAU 8: the students in main campus

The students housed in the main campus accounts for 70 percent of the all students.

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Facts about FAU 9: the residential housing

The full-time freshmen of FAU should live in the university housing.  It is located on John D MacArthur and Boca Raton campuses. Boca Raton campus was inhabited by 4,555 students in 2011.

Facts about FAU
Facts about FAU

Facts about FAU 10: housing facilities in Boca Raton

The facilities in the residential housing of Boca Raton include and Innovation Village Apartments, Glades Park Towers, Algonquin Hall, Parliament Hall and Heritage Park Towers.

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