Top 10 Facts about Filipino

Facts about Filipino narrate the story about the native people of the Philippines. They are from different ethnolinguistic groups. Each group has their own history, culture, identity and language. Over 175 ethnolinguistic groups are included as Filipino. The development of modern Filipino identity was affected by the Austronesia culture.

Facts about Filipino 1: Spanish colony

For more than 333 years, Spain colonized the Philippines. It influenced the modern culture of Filipino.

Facts about Filipino
Facts about Filipino

Facts about Filipino 2: Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism was mostly embraced by the Filipino because of the Spanish rule. During its hierarchy, they tried to revolt for a number of times.

Facts about Filipino 3: the surname

Spanish colonial government published Catálogo alfabético de apellidos in 1849, which contained the Spanish surnames adopted by all Filipinos.

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Filipino Facts
Filipino Facts

Facts about Filipino 4: the Spanish ancestry

It remains unknown for the exact number of the Filipino people with Spanish ancestry due to the absence of account from the modern Philippine Statistics Authority and past goverments related to the number.

Facts about Filipino 5: communities

A number of communities were established by many ethnic groups since the third century. The people from the native Philippine kingdoms were assimilated in the communities.

Facts about Filipino 6: trading

Trading occurred between the Filipinos with the people from the Indonesian archipelago, East Asia and South Asia. Some of them decided to settle in the Philippines and incorporated with the local culture.

Facts about Filipino 7: in 7th to 15th century

The center of trades was established in various parts of the Philippines in 7th to 15th century. Therefore, the Filipino interacted with people from other countries from Japan, China and others.


Facts about Filipino 8: the European colonization

The European colonization took place in 1521 when Ferdinand Magellan came to the Philippines.

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Facts about Filipino 9: British occupation

In 1762 until 1764, Manila was occupied by the British forces as a part of Seven Years’ War.

Facts about Filipino
Facts about Filipino

Facts about Filipino 10: during the Spanish period

During the Spanish period in the Philippines, Chinese immigrants were interested to settle here. Sangley is a term to call the Chinese migrant workers recruited by Spanish.

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