10 Interesting Facts about Fairy Tales

The folkloric fantasy characters like witches, goblins, gnomes, giants, fairies, elves, dragons, dwarves, trolls, mermaids, unicorns and giants are often featured on the short story called fairy tale. This type short story is popular among kids, teens and adults. You will know more about this short story if you check facts about fairy tales below:

Facts about Fairy Tales 1: the differences of fairy tales

Legends and beast fables are different from fairy tales because of latter one are mostly related to the literature for children and have its root on the European tradition.

Fairy Tale Facts

Fairy Tale Facts

Facts about Fairy Tales 2: the setting of time

The actual time is not seen in fairy tale. The story is often narrated in once upon a time. The superficial reference to events, people, actual places and religion are not spotted in fairy tales.

Facts about Fairy Tales 3: the literary form

Fairy tales may be narrated in literary form like short story, books or even movies or it may take the form of oral literature.

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Fairy Tale Pictures

Fairy Tale Pictures

Facts about Fairy Tales 4: Madame d’Aulnoy

Madame d’Aulnoy used the term fairy tale to call such a story in the end of seventeenth century.

Facts about Fairy Tales 5: the evolution of fairy tales

The present day fairy tales are expanded. It gathers the old stories of various cultures in the world. Therefore, fairy tales have many variations across cultures.

Facts about Fairy Tales 6: the origin of fairy tales

It is hard to know the origin of fairy tales. There was a belief that the origin can be traced back around 6,000 years ago during the Bronze Age according to the researchers.

Facts about Fairy Tales 7: the classification of fairy tales

The most prominent classification of fairy tales is the morphological analysis of Vladimir Propp and the Aarne-Thompson classification system.

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

Facts about Fairy Tales 8: the uses of fairy tales

Many authors are interested to create fairy tales for a number of reasons. They want to use it to improve the fantastic scene or even human condition.

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Facts about Fairy Tales 9: the role

Shrek is one of the famous fairy tale movies. The characters in the movieare definitely realize their role.

Facts about Fairy Tale

Facts about Fairy Tale

Facts about Fairy Tales 10: Disney

Various fairy tale movies have been released by Disney. In 1991, it released Beauty and the Beast. In 1950, Cinderella was released.

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