10 Interesting Facts about Fats

One of the three primary macronutrients is fat. It will be explained on Facts about Fats. The other two are protein and carbohydrate. The fat is also recognized as triglycerides. People often use the term fat synonymously with the terms lipid and oil. At the room temperature, fat has the solid state. On the other hand, oil has the liquid state when it is kept at room temperature. Check facts about fats below:

Facts about Fats 1: hydrophobic

Fat has the hydrophobic characteristics. When mixing with water, the fat is insoluble. On other hand, it is soluble when mixing with organic solvents.

Facts about Fats

Facts about Fats

Facts about Fats 2: the importance of fats

Fat is very important for the life of living organism.  The metabolic and structural functions are served by having fats. Thus, human being should eat the diet, which contains fat.

Facts about Fats 3: the essential

Fat comes in two essentials fatty acids or EFAs. They are omega-6 fatty acid or linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acid or alpha-linoleic acid.

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Fats Pic

Fats Pic

Facts about Fats 4: lipases

Pancreas produces lipases. This enzyme will be used to break down lipids and fats.

Facts about Fats 5: the bonding

Fats are categorized according to the bonding and number of carbon atoms in aliphatic chain.

Facts about Fats 6: the absence of double bonds

The absence of double bonds is spotted on the saturated fats. One or more double bonds   on the chained carbons are spotted in unsaturated fats.

Facts about Fats 7: Trans fat

The body fat and milk of sheep and cattle contain the trans fat. In the past, people got the trans fat from the animals. However, the presence of trans fat on the processed food industry is also high. People like to consume it.



Facts about Fats 8: the sources of trans fat

The trans fats can be found in fried foods, snack food, fast foods and baked foods due to the usage of hydrogenated oils. The semi-solid oil like palm oils is costlier than the hydrogenated oils. Thus, the latter one is mostly used in the food industries.

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Facts about Fats 9: the health problems

The high consumption of trans fatty acid may lead into various health conditions. The people who like to consume the foods from the fast food restaurants have to deal with various health problems such as diabetes type 2, obesity, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Fat and Food

Fat and Food

Facts about Fats 10: the low consumption

If you want to stay away from the health problems, you need to reduce the intake of trans fat. Stay healthy by eating more veggies and fruits.

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