10 Interesting Facts about Fast Food

Facts about Fast Food inform the readers with a mass-produced food. The preparation and serving time of fast food is super quick. That is why it is called fast food. If you compare other dishes and food with fast food, the latter one has less nutrition. This term applies for the food with precooked or preheated ingredients sold in the food stores or restaurants. The customers order the fast food mostly for take-away or take-out.

Facts about Fast Food 1: fast food restaurants

The fast food restaurants are the major industries in the world. It is divided in a number of types. A drive through service is mostly provided by the traditional fast food restaurants. The seating or shelter is not spotted in most fast food kiosks and stands.

Facts about Fast Food

Facts about Fast Food

Facts about Fast Food 2: Franchise operations

The major fast restaurants in the world offer the business with franchise operation. It has central location to ship the standardized foodstuffs.

Facts about Fast Food 3: the beginning of fast food

In 1860s, Britain had the first fish and chip shops. It marked the beginning of fast food.

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Fast Food Pic

Fast Food Pic

Facts about Fast Food 4: the popularity of drive-through resto

In 1950s, the drive-through restaurants were very popular in America.

Facts about Fast Food 5: the characteristics of fast food

Fast food is considered as the quick alternative to the home cooked meal. The latter one involves longer process. The content of calories, salt, sugar and saturated fat in fast food is high.

Facts about Fast Food 6: the negative effect of fast food

Consuming excessive amount of fast food is always associated with some negative health effects such as high cholesterol, obesity, colorectal cancer and others.

Facts about Fast Food 7: the food preparation process

The food preparation process only took 47 minutes and 19 seconds for the average couple in US. It is getting lower over the years.

Fast Food

Fast Food

Facts about Fast Food 8: the modern commercial fast food

The modern commercial fast food is popular for it takes less time to prepare the food. The cost is also minimal due to the plastic wrapping or carton bags.

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Facts about Fast Food 9: consistency

Consistency is important to cook fast food in the restaurants so that the foods served for the customers are always fresh.

Fast Food Facts

Fast Food Facts

Facts about Fast Food 10: Asian food

In United Kingdom and United States, the Chinese takeaway restaurants are popular. Most of the menus are fried.

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