10 Facts about Flan

Facts about Flan tell the readers about a type of culinary. Have you eaten flan before? This food is very delicious. There is no need to wonder that many people like to cook it at home and serve it for the whole members of the family. The filling of flan can be made in savory or sweet taste. It depends on the personal preference of the person. This sponge base open rimmed pastry is easy to cook at home. You just have to find the suitable recipe to replicate in your kitchen. Why don’t you check the following post below for details about flan?

Facts about Flan 1: the examples of flan

Can you mention the examples of flan? They include South African melkert, custard tart and quiche lorraine.

Facts about Flan Food

Facts about Flan Food

Facts about Flan 2: the types of flans

Flan is available in a number of types. The French custard flan, Spanish custard flans and British savory flans are famous in the world.

Facts about Flan 3: the history of flan

The history of flan is always associated with ancient Spanish. In most of Spanish recipes, egg plays an important role.

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Facts about Flan

Facts about Flan

Facts about Flan 4: the ancient and modern flan

The ancient and modern flans are very different. The flan that you eat today is made differently from the ancient Spanish flans.

Facts about Flan 5: a savory dish

In the past, flan is mostly created as a savory dish. One of them is the eel flan.

Facts about Flan 6: the sweet flan

People also enjoy eating the sweet flan. It contains honey and pepper to make it tasteful and sweet.

Facts about Flan 7: the popularity of flan

Flan is considered as a popular food in Europe during the middle ages.  Since people were forbidden to eat meat, they ate flan during Lent. They chose both savory and sweet flans. The types of flan that they ate included the Spanish, fish, cheese, cinnamon, sugar, and almond.

Flan Facts

Flan Facts

Facts about Flan 8: a healthy food

Flan is included as a custard-type dish. It was considered as a healthy food according to an Italian cookery text, Platina’s De Honesta Voluptate in 1475.

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Facts about Flan 9: the belief about flan

According to the text, it was believed that flan was capable to reduce the vaginal urinary problem, improve fertility, and soothe the chest.

Flan Pic

Flan Pic

Facts about Flan 10: terminology

Flan is derived from an Old French word of flaon.  It was believed that it means broad or flat according to its Indo-European root.

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