10 Facts about Fish Fingers

Have you ever eaten fish fingers before? it is a kind of processed food. People call it fish stick in American English. The term fish finger is used in British English. People love it for it is easy to serve. However, it will be better if you do not eat it every single day to maintain your health.  If you are curious about the dish, check the complete facts about fish fingers below:

Facts about Fish Fingers 1: the types of fish

The common types of fish to create fish fingers are white fish. They include Pollock, haddock and cod. Most of them will be breaded or battered.

Fish Fingers Facts

Fish Fingers Facts

Facts about Fish Fingers 2: where to find fish fingers?

Fish fingers are easy to serve at home. You just have to go to the supermarkets to buy it. It is available in the frozen food section.

Facts about Fish Fingers 3: how to cook fish fingers?

Do you know how to cook fish fingers?   You can deep fry, shallow fry, grill or even bake it inside the oven. It depends on your taste.

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Fish Fingers

Fish Fingers

Facts about Fish Fingers 4: the term fish finger

In 1900, a British popular magazine first cited the term fish finger in a recipe.

Facts about Fish Fingers 5: United Kingdom

When people hear the term fish fingers, they always think about United Kingdom. The dish is always associated with the country.

Facts about Fish Fingers 6: a commercial dish

In 1953, fish finger became a commercial dish after the first ready-to-cook fish finger was sold as a frozen food.  The manufacturer was Gorton Pew Fisheries. It was an American company. Today, the company is called Gorton’s.

Facts about Fish Fingers 7: Gorton’s Fish Sticks

The frozen fish finger sold by Gorton Pew Fisheries was called Gorton’s Fish Sticks. In 1956, it earned Parents magazine Seal of Approval.

Facts about Fish Fingers

Facts about Fish Fingers

Facts about Fish Fingers 8: herring

Herring was used to create fish finger by Clarence Birdseye. He tested the product and sold it under the name herring savouries.  Herring was used to create fish finger due to the high amount of herring in UK post the Second World War.

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Facts about Fish Fingers 9: the result of test products

Herring fish fingers were not popular among the shoppers in Southampton and South Wales. They preferred to have cod fish finger.

Fish Finger Pictures

Fish Finger Pictures

Facts about Fish Fingers 10: the high quality product

If you want to get the high quality fish fingers, pick the one with 100 percent fillet.

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