10 Facts about Fish and Chips

You will be informed with a hot dish originated from England on Facts about Fish and Chips. The dish is the prevalent example of culinary fusion. People like to order both for takeaway. It consists of fried battered fish and hot chips. In 1860s, it was introduced by the English. United Kingdom had over 25,000 fish and chip shops by 1910. It became a popular dish for everyone in UK.  The number of shops reached more than 35,000 by 1930s. Here are other interesting facts about fish and chips to notice:

Facts about Fish and Chips 1: frying process

The beef dripping or lard is used for the traditional frying of fish and chips. Today, most shops use vegetable oil in the frying process.  However, the traditional process is still implemented in few shops in Scotland and north of England for they want to preserve the different flavor on the fish and chips.

Facts about Fish and Chips

Facts about Fish and Chips

Facts about Fish and Chips 2: the English and American chips

The English and American chips are different. The former one has thicker texture. Thus, the fat content is lower than that of the American version.

Facts about Fish and Chips 3: steak fries

In America, people use the term steak fries to call the thicker version of chips. They are similar with the ones in England.

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Fish and Chips Facts

Fish and Chips Facts

Facts about Fish and Chips 4: the ingredients

The common ingredients for the batter include flour batter, water, baking soda and vinegar in Britain and Ireland. Milk batter or beer is also used in other recipes. The batter will be lighter by adding beer. Moreover, it gives orange color.

Facts about Fish and Chips 5: the types of fish

The most common fish for the dish include cod and haddock in Britain and Ireland.

Facts about Fish and Chips 6: other fish

Many vendors also offer the customers with various types of fish like skate, coley, pollock, plaice, rock salmon and huss.

Facts about Fish and Chips 7: pollock and coley

The affordable alternatives for haddock are colley and pollock for the suppliers in Devon and Cornwall.

Fish and Chips Image

Fish and Chips Image

Facts about Fish and Chips 8: in Australia

Fish and chips are popular in Australia. They use flake, snapper, flathead and barramundi for the fish.

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Facts about Fish and Chips 9: accompaniment

Tartar sauce and a lemon wedge are used to accompany cod and chips.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Facts about Fish and Chips 10: serving

The fish and chips usually are sprinkled with vinegar and salt during the serving time in chip shops of UK and Ireland.

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