10 Facts about Fanta

Let me inform with the famous beverage in the world on Facts about Fanta. The Cola Cola Company produces the carbonated soft drinks with fruit flavors. Fanta is a global brand, which has been distributed in various parts of the world. It has at least 100 different flavors. In 1940, Coca-Cola ingredients were under the trade embargo in Nazi Germany. Therefore, Fanta was created because it was very difficult to import the Cola-Cola syrup to Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

Facts about Fanta 1: Max Keith

Max Keith developed a new product to serve the German market by using the local German ingredient. Therefore, he did not have to import the Coca Cola syrup. The apple pomace and whey were the common ingredients in Germany. Therefore, he used both.

Facts about Fanta

Facts about Fanta

Facts about Fanta 2: who was Max Keith?

Max Keith was the head of Coca-Cola GmbH or Coca-Cola Deutschland. Joe Knipp was one of his salesmen who coined the word Fanta to call the new drink.

Facts about Fanta 3: after the war

The new Fanta products, formula and plant in Germany were controlled again by Coca-Cola Corporation after the Second World War ended.

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Fanta logo

Fanta logo

Facts about Fanta 4: the discontinued product

The production of Fanta was discontinued after the parent company was incorporated again with the German branch.

Facts about Fanta 5: relaunching Fanta

In 1955, Fanta was re-launched in the market due to its competition with Pepsi Corporation in 1950s.

Facts about Fanta 6: the market of Fanta

The market for Fanta is located in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Facts about Fanta 7: the advertisement

The advertisement of Fanta is bold and upbeat. A group of young female models called the Fantanas was featured on an ad of Fanta in United States. Each member of the group represents a different flavor of Fanta.



Facts about Fanta 8: the jingle

During the broadcast campaign, the Fantanas have their jingle with the title “Wanta Fanta!”. The campaign took place until summer of 2001. The campaign was re-launched in 2006 and 2009.

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Facts about Fanta 9: the popularity in Africa

In 1980s, Fanta spread into Africa. It is a popular beverage, which has the ackee fruit and acerola fruit flavors.

Fanta Facts

Fanta Facts

Facts about Fanta 10: Fanta Shokata

Fanta Shokata is popular in Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bosnia & Herzegovina.  The flavor is made of an elderflower.

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