10 Facts about Fanny Cradock

Facts about Fanny Cradock elaborate the details about Phyllis Nan Sortain Pechey. She was born on February 26th, 1909 and died on December 27th, 1994. She was recognized as a TV celebrity chef, restaurant critic and writer. She often appeared with Major Johnnie Cradock who became the bumbling husband at the cookery demonstration and TV shows. Her family background was involved with trade. The Hulberts were the cabinetmakers, while the Vallentines were the distillers. Both of them were the ancestors of Cradock.

Facts about Fanny Cradock 1: the parents

Her parents were Bijou Sortain Hancock and Archibald Thomas Pechey.

Facts about Fanny Cradock

Facts about Fanny Cradock

Facts about Fanny Cradock 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Fanny was located at 33 Fairlop Road, Leytonstone. It was the house of her maternal grandmother.

Facts about Fanny Cradock 3: the registration

The registration of her birth was located in the district of West Ham, London. She was named ‘Phyllis Nan S. Pechey’. Sorain stands for S in her name.  The name had been passed from one generation to the next generation in her maternal family.

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Fanny Cradock Facts

Fanny Cradock Facts

Facts about Fanny Cradock 4: the personal life

Fanny had married four times. The first marriage was at the age of 17 with Sidney A. Vernon Evans.

Facts about Fanny Cradock 5: the early job

Before she was famous as a celebrity chef, Fanny was a door-to-door cleaning product seller. Before she worked as a restaurant, she had been in dressmaking shop.

Facts about Fanny Cradock 6: “Bon Viveur”

“Bon Viveur” was the pen name of Fanny and Johnnie Cradock when both wrote a column for The Daily Telegraph in 1950 until 1955.

Facts about Fanny Cradock 7: the books

The couple used the names Frances Dale and Phyllis Cradock on the books that both write.

Fanny Cradock Recipe

Fanny Cradock Recipe

Facts about Fanny Cradock 8: the successful BBC TV series

Fanny and her husband were involved in a successful production of cookery TV series in BBC. She demonstrated on how to cook delicious and affordable food for the audiences.

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Facts about Fanny Cradock 9: the fashion style

Fanny wore the vast ball gown and put heavy makeup on her face when she got older on screen.

Fanny Cradock Allan Warren

Fanny Cradock Allan Warren

Facts about Fanny Cradock 10: the TV shows

In the beginning of 1970s, her husband had a minor heart attack. Then she was accompanied by Jayne, a daughter of her friend. A series of young men also became her company who did not last long in the show.

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