10 Interesting Facts about Fairies

A form of spirit found in the European folklore is elaborated on Facts about Fairies. This legendary creature has been depicted in various TV series, books and movies. They have magical power despite having the physical look of human being. Most of them are depicted having diminutive size. The size is varied. Some have a very small size; others come in a size of a human child. The fairies have the power to change their size into a human being. Let us find out more information about fairies below:

Facts about Fairies 1: the description

Fairies are depicted wearing the dark grey clothes and have short stature on Orkney.

Fairies Facts

Fairies Facts

Facts about Fairies 2: the wings

In folklore, the fairies are rarely defined having wings. However, they are often depicted with wings in the Victorian artworks.

Facts about Fairies 3: the modern depiction of fairies

The modern depiction of fairies is characterized by the presence of common butterfly wings or insect wings. Talking about the footwear, some of them are barefoot.

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Facts about Fairies 4: the origin of fairies

The speculation and literature affect the origins of fairies. The folk belief is also associated with the origin of fairies, which shapes the early modern representation of fairies.

Facts about Fairies 5: the mythological and folkloristic elements

The Greco-Roman, Germanic and Celtic elements are found on the elements of fairies. Due to the advent of Christianity, the currency of fairies in the religious belief disappeared according to the folklorists.

Facts about Fairies 6: the belief about fairies

There was a belief that a sorcerer and witch in a medieval period owned a compact with a familiar spirit. They would ask the spirit to do a number of tasks. The fairies were considered as evil beings according to Christianity at a particular time.

Facts about Fairies 7: the Victorian writings

The Victorian writings depicted the deities in the previous tales as fairies. The metaphors of natural events were referred to all gods according to the Victorian inventions of mythology. Today, the modern scholars refute the view.



Facts about Fairies 8: as the demon

Fairies were considered as demons in Puritanism. Before hobgoblin was known as a wicked goblin, people considered it as a friendly household spirit.

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Facts about Fairies 9: spirit of the dead

Fairies are considered as the spirit of the dead according to some popular beliefs.

Facts about Fairies

Facts about Fairies

Facts about Fairies 10: the legend

The legend says that the fairies and dead lived underground. Eating food in the Hades and Fairyland was dangerous.

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