10 Fun Facts about Finland

Let us get the Fun Facts about Finland below. This country is located in Northern Europe. It has the official name of Republic of Finland. Scandinavia is included in this Nordic country. In 2014, it was a home for 5.5 million people. The southern region has the most concentrated population in Finland. Finnish is the language spoken by 88.7 percent of the people. In European Union, Finland is considered as the most sparsely populated country. Based on the area, it is the eighth largest country in Europe. Here are other interesting facts about Finland to notice:

Fun Facts about Finland 1: the government

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, which houses the central government. This country applies the parliamentary republic. The Aland Island is the autonomous region of Finland. It has 311 municipalities.

Finland Map

Finland Map

Fun Facts about Finland 2: Greater Helsinki metropolitan area

Greater Helsinki metropolitan area is a home for more than 1.4 million people. The GDP of Finland is mainly contributed by the region.

Fun Facts about Finland 3: the relationship with Sweden

Finland was noted as a part of Sweden in the end of 12 century. The heritage is still spotted on the official status and Swedish language.

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Facts about Finland

Facts about Finland

Fun Facts about Finland 4: the Finish national identity

The Finnish national identity emerged due to the spirit spread by Adolf Ivar Arwidsson. However, it became a part of Russian Empire in 1809 where it gained the status as an autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland.

Fun Facts about Finland 5: the right to vote

All adult citizens of Finland were given the right to vote in 1906. It became the second nation to do so.

Fun Facts about Finland 6: independence

The declaration of independence for Finland took place due to the Russian Revolution in 1917. The civil war divided the state in 1918. The German Empire supported the Whites, while the new Soviet Russia backed the Reds. At first, the kingdom was intended to establish in Finland. However, it became a republic.

Fun Facts about Finland 7: economy

Until 1950s, Finland was focused on the agrarian economy. Then the economy was transformed toward industrialization.  Today, Finland is considered as one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Finland Flag

Finland Flag

Fun Facts about Finland 8: the national performance

It has amazing national performance spotted in civil liberties, education, economic competitiveness, human development, and quality of life.

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Fun Facts about Finland 9: the stable country

In 2011 until 2016, Finland was called as the most stable country in the world.

Finland Facts

Finland Facts

Fun Facts about Finland 10: the economic sectors

Almost 66 percent of economy in Finland is contributed from services.

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