10 Amazing Facts about Fiji

A country located in Melanesia is elaborated on Amazing Facts about Fiji. Have you ever visited Fiji before?    The official name of this archipelago is Republic of Fiji. It contains 330 islands. The inhabited ones are only 110 islands. The number of islets is around 500. The total land area of Fiji reaches 7,100 square miles or 18,300 sq km. Let us get other interesting facts about Fiji below:

Amazing Facts about Fiji 1: the primary islands

The primary islands in Fiji are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Both are occupied by 87 percent of the total population of the nation.

Fiji Map

Fiji Map

Amazing Facts about Fiji 2: the capital city

Viti Levu is the home of Suva, the capital city of the country. It becomes the main cruise port in Fiji.

Amazing Facts about Fiji 3: the population in Viti Levu

Viti Levu is a home for almost three-quarters of the entire Fiji’s population. The people settle in three primary areas of Lautoka, Nadu and Suva. The former one is known due to the sugar cane industry, while the second one is famous with tourism industry.

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Amazing Facts about Fiji 4: the interior of Viti Levu

The interior of Viti Levu is only inhabited with few people due to the difficult and harsh terrain.

Amazing Facts about Fiji 5: the economy

The economy of Fiji is developed.  The natural resources of the country are mineral, fish and forest. The sugar exports and tourism industry flourish in Fiji. The Fijian dollar is considered as the official currency. Ministry of Local Government and Urban Development has the responsibility to supervise the town and city councils in the nation.

Amazing Facts about Fiji 6: formation of Fiji

The formation of Fiji was traced back around 150 million years ago. The islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni still have geothermal activity until this present day.

Amazing Facts about Fiji 7: the native people

Austronesians were considered as the native people who inhabited the island. Then Melanesians came and settled in Fiji. In 17th century, Europeans arrived in the island.

Fiji Pic

Fiji Pic

Amazing Facts about Fiji 8: Colony of Fiji

In 1874, Colony of Fiji was set up by the British people.  Until 1970, it had the status as a Crown colony.  In 1987, it became a republic country.

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Amazing Facts about Fiji 9: climate

The extreme temperature in Fiji is minimal. It has tropical marine climate.

Fiji Airport

Fiji Airport

Amazing Facts about Fiji 10: the season

In May to October, the cooler season takes place. In November to April, you can enjoy warm season.

Are you well informed after reading facts about Fiji?