10 Facts about FedEx

Facts about FedEx talk about an American multinational courier delivery service company. The official name is FedEx Corporation. The company is based in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1973 until 2000, the company was called Federal Express. It was the original air division of the company. Then it is called FedEx as its abbreviation. FedEx has a breakthrough in the carrier service due to the new features and development. Let us find out the details about FedEx by reading the whole post below:

Facts about FedEx 1: the new features

The customers will be able to have the real-time updates on the package location due to the track package system. Therefore, the lost packages can be found.  Today, most carrier service industries apply the similar system.

Facts about FedEx

Facts about FedEx

Facts about FedEx 2: what is FedEx Corporation?

On 2nd October 1997, this import/export company was incorporated in Delaware.

Facts about FedEx 3: FDX Corporation

In January 1998, the FDX Corporation was established after Federal Express acquired Caliber System Inc.

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FedEx Facts

FedEx Facts

Facts about FedEx 4: other services

The express shipping was the primary service offered by FedEx. Then it started to offer different services after acquiring Caliber, which has a number of subsidiaries such as Viking Freight, Roberts Express, RPS, Caliber Logistics and Caliber Technology and Caribbean Transportation Services.

Facts about FedEx 5: changing the name

FedEx Corporation was selected as the new name of the company in January 2000. It was previously called FDX Corporation. After the name is changed, all subsidiaries of FedEx were re-branded.

Facts about FedEx 6: re-branding

Roberts Express was named into FedEx Custom Critical. FedEx Ground and FedEx Express were used to name RPS and Federal Express respectively. FedEx Global Logistics was a new term for Caliber Logistics and Caliber.

Facts about FedEx 7: FedEx Corporate Services

FedEx Corporate Services is a new subsidiary. The primary function to serve all subsidiaries related to the marketing, sales and customer services.

FedEx Truck

FedEx Truck

Facts about FedEx 8: acquisition

FedEx has been developed over the years through acquisition. An international logistic company called Tower Group International was acquired in February 2000. Parcel Direct was acquired in September 2004. Then it was called FedEx SmartPost.

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Facts about FedEx 9: TNT Express

TNT Express had been noticed as a rival of FedEx. It was acquired by FedEx in April 2015 with the price of €4.4 billion.

FedEx Picture

FedEx Picture

Facts about FedEx 10: award and honor

In 2013, FedEx was featured in the list of top 100 companies to work for according to Fortune Magazine.

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