10 Facts about Faisalabad

Facts about Faisalabad tell us about a city located in Pakistan. Until 1979, the city was called Lyallpur. During the reign of British India, Faisalabad was developed into a metropolitan city. It covers the total area of 22.61 square miles or 58.56 km square. The location of Faisalabad is strategic for it is linked with other cities and regions via the air transportation, rails and roads. There is no need to wonder that it grows into the industrial and distribution center. Let us find out the details about Faisalabad below:

Facts about Faisalabad 1: the annual GDP

Almost 20 percent of the annual GDP of Pakistan is contributed by Faisalabad. That is why it earns the title as the Manchester of Pakistan. Agriculture is considered as the primary sector of economy in the city for it accounts for 21 percent of annual GDP of Faisalabad.

Facts about Faisalabad

Facts about Faisalabad

Facts about Faisalabad 2: the agriculture

The fruits, vegetables, sugarcane, wheat, and cotton are some agricultural products from the city.

Facts about Faisalabad 3: the industrial center

Faisalabad is a home to various industries such as engineering industries and railway repair yards. The oil seed, flour and sugar are processed in various mills of Faisalabad.

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Faisalabad facts

Faisalabad facts

Facts about Faisalabad 4: the universities

A number of universities are housed in Faisalabad. They include National Textile University, Divisional Public School Faisalabad, Government College University, University of Agriculture and Ayub Agricultural Research Institute.

Facts about Faisalabad 5: Faisalabad Wolves

Faisalabad Wolves is the cricket team of the city. The Iqbal Stadium is their base camp.

Facts about Faisalabad 6: the city police

The city police have the role to enforce the laws in Faisalabad. The provincial government appoints the CPO or city police officer to command the city police in Faisalabad.

Facts about Faisalabad 7: the location of Faisalabad

Faisalabad sits at the northeast Punjab where it features the rolling flat plains.



Facts about Faisalabad 8: the climate

The host desert climate is spotted in Faisalabad. During the monsoon season in July to August, Faisalabad has the heaviest precipitation level.

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Facts about Faisalabad 9: religion

According to the census report conducted in Pakistan, 97.22 percent is Muslim. Therefore, the policies, ceremonies, education, marriage, diet and cultural tradition are heavily finalized by Islam.

Faisalabad image

Faisalabad image

Facts about Faisalabad 10: the main trading zone

The primary trading zone in Faisalabad is located at the Faisalabad clock towers and the eight bazaars. If you want to visit the gold and cloth market, why don’t you come to Rail Bazaar? The interior decor and stationary are sold in Aminpur Bazaar.

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