10 Facts about Ferrous Metals

Facts about Ferrous Metals tell the readers about an important topic in chemistry. The term ferrous is used to define a divalent iron compound. It has the chemical name of Fe2+.  The compound of iron is defined in +2 oxidation state. The term ferrous is different with the term ferric. The latter term is used to define +3 oxidation state called as trivalent iron compound. Why don’t you check the whole post below for more information about ferrous metals?

Facts about Ferrous Metals 1: the IUPAC nomenclature

You can distinguish the ferrous and ferric metals from the IUPAC nomenclature.  Iron (III) oxide is for ferric oxide. On the other hand, iron (II) oxide is used to define ferrous oxide.

Facts about Ferrous Metals

Facts about Ferrous Metals

Facts about Ferrous Metals 2:  the term ferrous

The term ferrous is considered as an adjective. It is used to signify the presence of iron in chemistry.

Facts about Ferrous Metals 3:  the origin of the word

The word ferrous is taken from the Latin word of ferrum. The meaning is iron.

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Ferrous Metals Code

Ferrous Metals Code

Facts about Ferrous Metals 4: the example of ferrous metals

Can you mention the example of ferrous metals? They include pig iron and steel. Stainless steel is considered as a ferrous metal for it consists of alloys of iron with other metals.

Facts about Ferrous Metals 5: the properties of ferrous metals

People can create properties of ferrous metals on a certain object by manipulating the relationship between atoms of carbon, iron and other alloying elements.

Facts about Ferrous Metals 6: the non-ferrous metals

The metals, with less significant amount of iron are called as nonferrous metals.

Facts about Ferrous Metals 7: recycling process

The recycling process of ferrous metals can be conducted. The most recycled ferrous metal in the world is steel.

Ferrous Metals Facts

Ferrous Metals Facts

Facts about Ferrous Metals 8: the components of steel

The components of steel include a larger percentage of iron. The additional component includes carbon.

Facts about Ferrous Metals 9: the recycled materials

The steel found in the construction materials, appliances, automobiles, cans and containers are often recycled in United States.

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Ferrous Metals

Ferrous Metals

Facts about Ferrous Metals 10: the steel industry

The steel industry will save many resources if they can recycle steel from the unused products like used cars and appliances. 65 percent of steel and iron usually are found in automobiles.  In the last 150 years, the steel industries are very active to recycle steel due to the economic benefit that the industry will earn.

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