10 Facts about Fall out Boy

Have you ever heard about Fall Out Boy? This rock band is famous not only in United States but also in other parts of the world. The formation of the band took place in 2001 in Wilmette, Illinois.  The members of Fall Out Boy are Andy Hurley as the drummer, Joe Trohman as the lead guitarist, Pete Wentz as the bassist and Patrick Stump as the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist. Wentz and Trohman formed the band. At first, all of them were involved with hardcore punk scene in Chicago. Check facts about Fall out Boy below:

Facts about fall out Boy 1: the debut album

In 2003, Fall out Boy released their debut album under the title Take This to Your Grave. Due to the extensive touring, the band had fan base.

Facts about Fall Out Boy

Facts about Fall Out Boy

Facts about Fall Out Boy 2: the importance of the first album

The first album of Fall out Boy earned the title as an influential album in the pop punk music.

Facts about Fall Out Boy 3: From Under the Cork Tree

From Under the Cork Tree was released in 2005. It was a major success for the band. It was certified platinum. The main composer was Stump. The lyrics were provided by Wentz.

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Fall Out Boy Members

Fall Out Boy Members

Facts about Fall out Boy 4: the hit singles

“Dance, Dance,” and “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” are best singles from Fall Out Boy in that album. Due to the success, Wentz became a media sensation and celebrity. Fall Out Boy became a superstar.

Facts about Fall Out Boy 5: Grammy Awards

During the Grammy Award in 2006, Fall Out Boy earned a nomination for Best New Artist.

Facts about Fall Out Boy 6: Infinity on High

Infinity on High was the next follow up for Fall Out Boy. It was released in 2007. During the first week, the sales reached 260,000 copies. On the Billboard 200, it sat at No.1.

Facts about Fall Out Boy 7: the popular singles

“Thnks fr th Mmrs” and “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” are the two most popular singles in the album.

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy

Facts about Fall Out Boy 8: the fourth album

The fourth album of Fall Out Boy was released under the title Folie à Deux. It was not commercial as expected. In 2009 until 2012, Fall out Boy decided to take a hiatus from the band’s activity after Believers Never Die – Greatest Hits was released in the market.

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Facts about Fall Out Boy 9: the 2013 album

In 2013, Fall Out Boy released Save Rock and Roll. “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” is the lead single included in top 20 single.

Fall Out Boy Facts

Fall Out Boy Facts

Facts about Fall Out Boy 10: the 2015 album

In 2015, the band released American Beauty/American Psycho as their sixth album.

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