10 Facts about the FDR Memorial

Facts about the FDR Memorial will make you learn more about a presidential memorial in Washington D.C. Just as its name suggests, this memorial is used to honor Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This man is the 32th president of US. Have you ever visited FDR Memorial before? Lawrence Halprin was the landscape architect who designed the memorial. If you are in FDR, you will know the history of United States in 12 year-term of Roosevelt.

Facts about the FDR Memorial 1: dedication

The then United States President, Bill Clinton dedicated the memorial on 2nd May 1997. It covers the area of 3 hectares or 7.5 acres. It features four outdoor rooms.

Facts about the FDR Memorial

Facts about the FDR Memorial

Facts about the FDR Memorial 2: the sculptures

FDR Memorial features various sculptures inspired from the life of Franklin D. Roosevelt during his presidential office.

Facts about the FDR Memorial 3: the sculptural themes

Some sculptures are inspired from the Great Depression scenes. You can also spot Roosevelt with his dog Fala in other sculptures.

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the FDR Memorial Facts

the FDR Memorial Facts

Facts about the FDR Memorial 4: George Segal

George Segal created a bronze statue which depicted the scene of Roosevelt waited in a bread line.

Facts about the FDR Memorial 5: The First Lady

Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt. She made great contribution to United Nations. Thus, her bronze statue is located in front of the emblem honors of UN. The only memorial for US president, which features the first lady, is FDR Memorial.

Facts about the FDR Memorial 6: disability

The designer had the intention to create a memorial, which can be accessed by the people with physical impairment because of the president’s disability. For instance, it features Braille writing on the tactile reliefs. However, criticism occurs from the disabled activists. The reliefs are located 8 feet from the ground and the Braille dots have improper spacing.

Facts about the FDR Memorial 7: the waterfall

The waterfall is found in each room, which represents the presidential term of Roosevelt. The waterfall design is becoming more complicated and larger as you move from one room to another room.

the FDR Memorial Map

the FDR Memorial Map

Facts about the FDR Memorial 8: the symbolism of water area

FDR Memorial features five primary water areas. Each of them is used as a symbol. The death of Roosevelt was symbolized in a still pool.

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Facts about the FDR Memorial 9: memorial wall

The Four Freedoms were engraved on the wall of FDR Memorial.

the FDR Memorial Pictures

the FDR Memorial Pictures

Facts about the FDR Memorial 10: the works and sculptures

Robert Graham, Neil Estern, Leonard Baskin, Leonard Baskin and Thomas Hardy had their sculptures and works in FRD.

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