10 Facts about Fleur Adcock

Facts about Fleur Adcock present the information about the poet and editor from New Zealand. He was born on February 10th, 1934. She spent most of her life living in England. Adcock had the Northern Irish and English ancestry. She settled in United Kingdom in 1939 until 1947. The birthplace of Adcock was located in Auckland.  Let us get other unique facts about Fleur below:

Facts about Fleur Adcock 1: the family relationship

Marilyn Duckworth is the sister is Adcock. She is a novelist. Cyril John Adcock was the father of Fleur.

Facts about Fleur Adcock

Facts about Fleur Adcock

Facts about Fleur Adcock 2: education

Adcock had an MA from Victoria University of Wellington after completing her study in Classics.

Facts about Fleur Adcock 3: occupations

She became an assistant lecturer. Then she was appointed by University of Otago as an assistant librarian in Dunedin.

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Fleur Adcock

Fleur Adcock

Facts about Fleur Adcock 4: personal life

Fleur had married twice to two notable literary personalities in New Zealand. Her first marriage was with Alistair Campbell in 1952. In 1958, the couple divorced. Then she was married to Barry Crump in 1962. In 1963, the marriage ended in divorce.

Facts about Fleur Adcock 5: return to England

Fleur worked as an assistant librarian for Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London after she came back to England in 1963. She took the post until 1979.

Facts about Fleur Adcock 6: freelance writer

Then Fleur decided to shift her career as a freelance writer. She settles in East Finchley, north London.  In 1979 until 1981, Northern Arts Literary Fellowship in Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham appointed her as a fellow. Actually, she also held various literary fellowships from other institutions.

Facts about Fleur Adcock 7: the themes of her poetry

The everyday activities, human relationship and places are the prevalent themes found in poetry of Fleur. However, she tries to incorporate it with mundane events and dark twist.

Fleur Adcock Image

Fleur Adcock Image

Facts about Fleur Adcock 8: the early works

Her study in Classic affected how she wrote her early works. However, the current works of Fleur focuses more the unconscious mind and looser structure.

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Facts about Fleur Adcock 9: poetry collections

Fleur has written much poetry collection. In 1964, The Eye of the Hurricane was published by Reed in Wellington. Oxford University Press had published Tigers, High Tide in the Garden, The Scenic Route and The Inner Harbour in 1967, 1971, 1974, and 1979 respectively.

Fleur Adcock Facts

Fleur Adcock Facts

Facts about Fleur Adcock 10: the recent publication

The Land Ballot was published in 2014. In the previous year, Fleur published Glass Wings.

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