10 Facts about Flanders Field

If you are interested with literature, you must know Facts about Flanders Field. This poem is famous in the world. John McCrae was the Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonia who wrote the poem during the World War 1. It was written in a form of a rondeau.  On 3rd, May 1915, McCrae was inspired to create this war poem after he attended the funeral of Lieutenant Alexis Helmer. He was MacCrae’s fellow soldier and friend. Here are other interesting facts about Flanders Field.

Facts about Flanders Field 1: Alexis Helmer

The funeral of Alexis Helmer inspired MacCrae to write a war poem. Helmer passed away at the Second Battle of Ypres.

Facts about Flanders Fields

Facts about Flanders Fields

Facts about Flanders Field 2: the first publication

The first publication of Flanders Field was on 8th December 1915. Punch was the London Magazine, which published the poem.

Facts about Flanders Field 3: popularity

In Flanders Field is a very popular war poem in the world. It is also quoted by many people.

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Flanders Fields Memorial

Flanders Fields Memorial

Facts about Flanders Field 4: propaganda

Propaganda efforts and appeals were established by a certain number of people using parts of In Flander Field to recruit the new soldiers for joining the war.

Facts about Flanders Field 5: red poppies

Red poppies have been used to symbolize the soldiers who die in the battlefield. They were referred from the poem.

Facts about Flanders Field 6: Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is an important day to commemorate the soldiers who died in the battlefield. The Commonwealth of Nations commemorates the day every year. The important symbols of Remembrance Day include poem and poppy.

Facts about Flanders Field 7: in United States

In United States, Memorial Day is used to honor the soldiers where In Flanders Field is always linked with it.

Flanders Fields Poem

Flanders Fields Poem

Facts about Flanders Field 8: who was John McCrae?

Since his youth, McCrae was interested with poetry.  This man came from Guelph, Ontario.

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Facts about Flanders Field 9: in the war

McCrae participated in the World War 1 by joining Canadian Expeditionary Force at the age of 41. Due to his old age, his option was to join the medical corps. However, he decided to become a medical officer and a gunner in a fighting unit.

Flanders Fields Facts

Flanders Fields Facts

Facts about Flanders Field 10: the previousus service

It was not the first time for McCrae to join the war.  His first service was in the Second Boer War.

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