10 Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi

Have ever read Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi? He was known as a designer from Italy. He was born in 1377 and died on 15th April 1446. He played an important role in architecture. People recognize him as a supervisor and planner of constructor. He took the title as the first modern engineer. One of leading figures in the Renaissance was Brunelleschi. The famous work Brunelleschi was spotted in the dome of Florence Cathedral.  He also became a leading figure of linear perspective.

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi 1: the linear perspective

The linear perspective developed by Brunelleschi played an important role until the end of 19th century. He employed geometry and mirrors.

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi 2: the achievement of Brunelleschi

The achievement of Brunelleschi was not only in architecture. He also contributed to engineering, mathematic, sculpture and ship.

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi 3: the birthplace

The birthplace of Brunelleschi was located in Florence, Italy. It was hard to find out the details about his early years.

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Filippo Brunelleschi Facts

Filippo Brunelleschi Facts

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi 4: parents

Some sources believe that the mother of Brunelleschi was Giuliana Spini. His father was a notary named Brunellesco di Lippo.

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi 5: the father

Since the father of Filippo was a civil servant, he was educated with mathematics in his early years to follow the pathway of his father.

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi 6: education

Filippo was more interested with art. Therefore, he decided to study at Arte Della Seta among the bronze workers, metalworkers and goldsmiths. In 1398, he was known as a master goldsmith.

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi 7: a competition

Brunelleschi joined a competition to create a design for bronze doors installed at Florence Baptistery in 1401. It was very surprising to know that Brunelleschi was capable to transform himself from a goldsmith into an architect.

Filippo Brunelleschi Statue

Filippo Brunelleschi Statue

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi 8: the first commission

The Foundling Hospital or Ospedale degli Innocenti was considered as the first commission of Brunelleschi in the architectural field.

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Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi 9: the octagonal dome

When creating the octagonal dome, he applied more than 4 million bricks.

Filippo Brunelleschi Pictures

Filippo Brunelleschi Pictures

Facts about Filippo Brunelleschi 10: other ventures

Brunelleschi was also interested in other subjects like ancient monuments, engineering and mathematics. It was stated that he created intricate clockwork and hydraulic machine. However, both were not survived. During the military campaign against Pisa and Siena, Florence constructed the fortifications based on Brunelleschi’s design.

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