10 Facts about Fernand Leger

Find out Facts about Fernand Leger if you want to know the French painter, filmmaker and sculptor. He was born on 4th February 1881 and died on 17th August 1955. His birth name was Joseph Fernand Henry Leger. He focused on cubism during his early years as an artist. Then he transformed his works into a populist and figurative design. Leger got a title as a pioneer in pop art due to simplification on modern subject. Why don’t you check the below post for details about Leger?

Facts about Fernand Leger 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Leger was located in Argentan, Orne, Lower Normandy. In 1897 until 1899, he followed education as an architect.  In 1900, he decided to relocate to Paris where he earned cash as an architectural drafter.

Facts about Fernand Leger

Facts about Fernand Leger

Facts about Fernand Leger 2: art education

In 1902 until 1903, he joined the military in Versailles. He applied for École des Beaux-Arts, but he was rejected. Then he decided to attend School of Decorative Arts.

Facts about Fernand Leger 3: as painter

When he was 25 years old, he focused to become a painter. His works were heavily influenced by impressionism, which can be seen in his painting in 1905 under the title Le Jardin de ma mere.

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Fernand Leger 1910

Fernand Leger 1910

Facts about Fernand Leger 4: Cézanne retrospective

In 1907, he was at Salon d’Automne, which made him realize the importance of geometry and drawing.

Facts about Fernand Leger 5: the famous works of Leger

During his career as a painter, Leger had created a number of notable works, which included Nude in the forest (1910), Nude Model in the Studio (1912-13), La Femme en Bleu (1912) and Les Fumeurs (1911-12)

Facts about Fernand Leger 6: Nudes in the Forest

Leger presented the personal form of cubism in his work under the title Nudes in the Forest. It reflects his Tubism.

Facts about Fernand Leger 7: cubism

Cubism was introduced to the public by a number of painters in organized groups, which consisted of Leger, Delaunay, Le Fauconnier, Albert Gleizes and Metzinger.

Fernand Leger Image

Fernand Leger Image

Facts about Fernand Leger 8: abstract painting

Leger began to develop the abstract painting until 1914. Contrasting Forms was the title of his painting, which contained white, black and green as the main colors in rough patches.

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Facts about Fernand Leger 9: the experience during the First World War

During his service in the First World War, Leger had created various sketches of fellow soldiers, airplanes and artillery pieces.

Fernand Leger

Fernand Leger

Facts about Fernand Leger 10: Soldier with a Pipe

Soldier with a Pipe (1916) was the famous work of Leger inspired from his military service.

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