10 Facts about Fauvism Art

Those who love to study art should check Facts about Fauvism Art. In French, the term fauvism means the wild beasts. This movement took place in the beginning of 20th century. The main characteristics of Fauvism are seen from the strong colors and vibrant qualities. It started to spread as an art style in 1900 until 1910. This movement was short lived for the Fauvists only launched three exhibitions during the period of 1904 until 1908. Let us get other interesting facts about Fauvism art below:

Facts about Fauvism Art 1: the leaders of Fauvism

Henri Matisse and André Derain are the two most important leaders of fauvism art.

Facts about Fauvism Art

Facts about Fauvism Art

Facts about Fauvism Art 2: who is Henri Matisse?

Have you ever heard about Henri Matisse before? He was a French artist, sculptor, printmaker and draughtsman. He was born on December 31, 1869 and died on November 3, 1954.

Facts about Fauvism Art 3: the wild beast

Henri Matisse was called as the wild beast or Fauve due to his amazing bold and strong colors in his painting. He was known as a key figure in modern art.

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Fauvism Art Facts

Fauvism Art Facts

Facts about Fauvism Art 4: the first solo exhibition of Matisse

In 1904, Matisse had his first solo exhibition at Ambroise Vollard’s gallery. It was not successful.

Facts about Fauvism Art 5: traveling with André Derain

Matisse and André Derain collaborated at Collioure in 1905. He employed the controlled lines and flat shapes.

Facts about Fauvism Art 6: the Fauves

A group called the Fauves, which included Matisse and other artists, had their exhibition in 1905 at Salon d’Automne.

Facts about Fauvism Art 7:  the expression

The paintings represented the wild colors and emotions. The artists tried to ignore the natural color of the subject.

Fauvism Art Pic

Fauvism Art Pic

Facts about Fauvism Art 8: Matisse’s Woman with a Hat

Matisse’s Woman with a Hat is the notable work of Matisse. Gertrude and Leo Stein purchased this painting, which increased Matisse’s morale despite the lack of success on the exhibition.

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Facts about Fauvism Art 9: other members of Fauvism

Maurice de Vlaminck, Raoul Dufy and Georges Braque were the other members of Fauvism art.

Fauvism Art

Fauvism Art

Facts about Fauvism Art 10: the inspirational teacher

The inspirational teacher of Fauvism art was Gustave Moreau. He was a symbolist painter who lived in 1826 until 1898.

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