10 Facts about Faith Ringgold

Facts about Faith Ringgold talk about the notable African American artist who has created narrative quilts. The birthplace of Ringgold was located in Harlem, New York City. She was born on 8th October 1930. Ringgold is a flexible artist since she is capable for she has broad scope of art practices. She is capable for making narrative quilts, performing art for children’s books, making sculpture and painting art. Let me show you other interesting facts about Ringgold below:

Facts about Faith Ringgold 1: the early occupation

Before she became a full time artist, Ringgold was a teacher at New York City Public school system and college teacher.

Faith Ringgold Facts

Faith Ringgold Facts

Facts about Faith Ringgold 2: painting career

In 1950s, Ringgold started her painting career. It was after she and Burdette Ringgold married.

Facts about Faith Ringgold 3: the painting inspiration

The works that Ringgold created in 1960s were inspired from the Impressionism, Africa art, Cubism and writings of Amiri Baraka and James Baldwin.

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Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold

Facts about Faith Ringgold 4: the early works of Ringgold

The flat figures and shapes characterized the early works of Ringgold.  At first, Ringgold only has small sales because the collectors and galleries were not comfortable with her works. However, Ringgold still received wider attention due to her works.

Facts about Faith Ringgold 5: themes of her works

The collectors and galleries were not comfortable with her works due to the depictions of racisms in the daily life. He also put the experience when she was raised in Harlem Renaissance in the paintings.

Facts about Faith Ringgold 6: the American People Series

The American People Series was created in 1963. It was the first political collection of Ringgold. The works highlighted the point of view of women toward the racial interaction. The Civil Rights Triangle, Watching and Waiting, Neighbors and For Members Only are other works of Ringgold, which have the similar themes.

Facts about Faith Ringgold 7: Tar Beach 2

Tar Beach 2 was a quilt work of Ringgold created in 1990. It narrated a story of a eight-year old girl named Cassie Louise Lightfoot. She had a dream to fly over his apartment building in Harlem.

Ringgold Artwork

Ringgold Artwork

Facts about Faith Ringgold 8: Echoes of Harlem

Echoes of Harlem was created in 1980. It was a collaborative work between Ringhold and her mother.

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Facts about Faith Ringgold 9: the first quilt story

Who’s Afraid of Aunt Jemima? was the first quilt story of Ringgold, which narrated the matriarch restaurateur, or Aunt Jemima?

Facts about Faith Ringgold

Facts about Faith Ringgold

Facts about Faith Ringgold 10: sculpture

Ringgold also created sculpture. It comes in various shapes and designs. She made a freestanding soft sculpture or even consumed mask sculpture.

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