Top 10 Facts about Fish

Facts about Fish talk about an animal, which lives underwater. The soft-bodied chordates were included as the earliest form of fish, which occurred during Cambrian period. Compared to other invertebrates, they are more agile due to the presence of notochords. It evolved in many forms during the Paleozoic era. Why don’t you check the following post below for more information about fish?

Facts about Fish 1: cold-blooded animals

Most fish are defined as cold-blooded animals. Therefore, they are called exothermic animals. Even though the ambient temperature changes, the body temperature of fish can fit it well.

Facts about Fish

Facts about Fish

Facts about Fish 2: an abundant animal

Fish is considered as an abundant animal. They can be found in many bodies of water like the river, ocean, lakes and estuaries.

Facts about Fish 3: the described species

Can you count the species of fish, which have been described by the experts? It reaches 33,100 species.

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Fish Image

Fish Image

Facts about Fish 4: the importance of fish

Fish is very important for the life of human being. It has been a source of food for over the course of the history.

Facts about Fish 5: commercial value

Fish has high commercial value. The fishers will go to the sea to hunt fish and sell it in the market. Others decide to build cages or ponds to do aquaculture. Fish is not only hunted for food. Some people do fishing for recreational purpose. Some of them also keep the beautiful and colorful fish as a pet at home.

Facts about Fish 6: the cultural role

Do you know that fish is a unique animal? That is why it earns an important status in the culture. It has been a subject in films, books, and art.

Facts about Fish 7: threat

Threat is common on fish for people extensively hunt them. The fish species threatened with extinction reached 1,173 species according to IUCN list in 2006.

Fish Pic

Fish Pic

Facts about Fish 8: the threatened fish species

Great white sharks, coelacanths, Devil’s Whole pupfish and Atlantic cod are some fish under the bridge of extinction.

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Facts about Fish 9: the study

Many experts are interested to study fish. However, it is difficult for fish lives underwater.



Facts about Fish 10: a source of beauty

Fish is also used to symbolize a beauty. There is no need to wonder that the pond in the garden is filled with many colorful fish. The aquariums located in public setting, offices and homes contain fish in different colors and shapes.

Are you fascinated after reading facts about fish?