10 Interesting Facts about Fairy Penguins

Let us talk about the smallest species of penguins on Facts about Fairy Penguins. It has the scientific name of Eudyptula minor. People also call it little penguin. It has the length of 17 inches and height of 13 inches. Each species has different measurement for the length and height. The fairy penguins can be found in New Zealand and southern Australia. Due to the small size, the Australian people call it fairy penguins instead of little penguins. Find out other interesting facts about fairy penguins below:

Facts about Fairy Penguins 1: the names in New Zealand

The people who live in New Zealand call the fairy penguins as blue penguins or little blue penguins. Korora is the Maori name of fairy penguins.

Facts about Fairy Penguins
Facts about Fairy Penguins

Facts about Fairy Penguins 2: the diurnal penguins

Just like many other species of penguins, the little penguins are diurnal animals. They will spend the time foraging and swimming at sea during the day.

Facts about Fairy Penguins 3: leaving the nest

When the sunrise comes, the fairy penguins will leave the nest during the breeding and chick rearing seasons. Throughout the day, they will spend the time at the sea to forage for food. When the dusk comes, they will come back to the nest.  The behavior of fairy penguins is mainly affected by the artificial light, moonlight and sunlight.

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Fairy Penguins Image
Fairy Penguins Image

Facts about Fairy Penguins 4: the wind speed

There is no exact explanation related to the negative effect of fairy penguin’s efficiency to forage foods for their chicks due to the presence of wind speed.

Facts about Fairy Penguins 5: the diet

Crustaceans, cephalopods and clupeoid fish are the primary diets for fairy penguins. To get the foods, the fairy penguins have to dive and swim at the sea.

Facts about Fairy Penguins 6: the prey species

The ahuru, red cod, Graham’s gudgeon, slender sprat and arrow squid are some important prey species of fairy penguins, which live in New Zealand.

Facts about Fairy Penguins 7: the mature period

The female fairy penguins will mature when they reach 2 years old. The maturity of male fairy penguins occurs at the age of three.

Fairy Penguins Facts
Fairy Penguins Facts

Facts about Fairy Penguins 8: the male and female relationship

The male and female fairy penguins will work together during the breeding season and hatching the eggs. After that, they will live in different burrows.

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Facts about Fairy Penguins 9: the nest location

The location of fairy penguin’s nest is nearby the sea. They may inhabit the logs, rock crevices or even caves.

Fairy Penguin
Fairy Penguin

Facts about Fairy Penguins 10: the breeding season

The breeding season of fairy penguins depends on the location. In July to December, the fairy penguins, which live in eastern Australia, will lay eggs.

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