10 Facts about Finger Monkeys

Facts about Finger Monkeys present the information about a small New World Monkey. It has the biological name of Cebuella pygmaea. They occupy rainforests located at the western Amazon Basin, South America. The weight of finger monkeys is more than 3.5 oz or 100 grams. It is called as the smallest monkey. Let us find out other impressive facts about finger monkeys below:

Facts about Finger Monkeys 1: the habitat

The finger monkeys are called gummivore for they are specialized to feed on gum. They can be found in the river-edge forest and evergreen forests.

Facts about Finger Monkeys

Facts about Finger Monkeys

Facts about Finger Monkeys 2: the group

Finger monkeys live in a group, which consists of 2-9 individuals. It includes a breeding female, a dominant male and four litters of offspring.

Facts about Finger Monkeys 3: the standard troop

The standard troop of finger monkeys is up to six individuals. The family members are the primary troop. It may include 1 to 2 extra members.

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Finger Monkey Facts

Finger Monkey Facts

Facts about Finger Monkeys 4: communication

Finger monkeys have complex system of communication.  They may produce visual, chemical and vocal signals.

Facts about Finger Monkeys 5: the visual displays

To show off their dominance, the finger monkeys will have visual displays.

Facts about Finger Monkeys 6: chemical signal

The female will send signal to the male to show her ability to reproduce by using the chemical signal. The glands on the chest and genital will have secretions. In one year, the female will deliver twins twice. The group will work together to care the newly born finger monkeys.

Facts about Finger Monkeys 7: the threat

The primary threats of finger monkey population are the pet trade and habitat loss. However, IUCN classifies its population as a Least Concern Animal.

Finger Monkey

Finger Monkey

Facts about Finger Monkeys 8: the length

The length of finger monkey from head to body is measured at 4.6 to 6.0 inches to 117 to 152 mm.

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Facts about Finger Monkeys 9: the weight

The weight of finger monkeys is around 3.5 oz or 100 grams for the adult one. The female is bigger than the male one.

Finger Monkeys

Finger Monkeys

Facts about Finger Monkeys 10: the fur color

The back part of finger monkeys has black, grey or brownish-gold color. The underparts have the tawny, orange and yellow color. The cheeks feature the flecks of white. The black rings are found on its tail. Between the eyes, you will spot a white vertical line. Do you know that finger monkeys have the ability to rotate its head 180 degrees?

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