10 Facts about Feral Pigs

The feral pigs are defined as the pigs, which live in the wild areas. The descendants of the feral pigs are the domesticated pigs from the new and old world. Pig has the biological name of Sus scrofa. The feral domestic pigs and wild boar are often called wild hog or razorback in America.  The term Russian razorback or Russian boar is used to call the pure wild boar. The feral pigs in Australia are often called razorback. Let us get other unique facts about feral pigs below:

Facts about Feral Pigs 1: the woodlands

The woodlands are considered as the natural habitat for wild boar in United Kingdom. They will search for foods in the areas occupied by human beings such as in the village green, football pitches, and picnic areas. It leads into the conflict with human.

Facts about Feral pig

Facts about Feral pig

Facts about Feral Pigs 2: farming

You need to have a license if you want to farm wild boar in United Kingdom. You violate the law if you release them in the wild.

Facts about Feral Pigs 3: the population

Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire is a home of a population of feral wild boars. They have diurnal behavior. On the other hand, the wild boars, which live in East Sussex, have the nocturnal behavior.

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Feral pig Facts

Feral pig Facts

Facts about Feral Pigs 4: other wild boar population

The sighting of wild boar is also spotted West Dorset, Scottish Highlands, and Kent.

Facts about Feral Pigs 5: the introduction of domestic pigs

In 16th and 17th century, domestic pigs were introduced to the new world. Eurasian wild boar was one of the species introduced to European Russia from Great Britain.

Facts about Feral Pigs 6: a common game animal

Feral pig became a common game area after its population was increased in Southern United States in 19th century.

Facts about Feral Pigs 7: in Australia

Feral pigs were also introduced in Australia. In 1777, Captain James Cook released the pigs at Adventure Bay, Bruny Island of Australia.

Feral pig pic

Feral pig pic

Facts about Feral Pigs 8: damages

Feral pigs may cause damages to the farms. However, the farmers consider it as minor damage.

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Facts about Feral Pigs 9: a problem

The Canadians and Americans consider feral pigs are their big problems in southern prairies.  The property damages reached billion of dollars because of the population of 6 million feral pigs in 2013.

Feral pig

Feral pig

Facts about Feral Pigs 10: omnivorous animals

Feral pigs are dangerous for the native animals and plants in the area for they are omnivorous. They eat and scavenge anything.

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