10 Facts about Feral Cats

It is the time for us to discuss Facts about Feral Cats. They are different from the domesticated cats for they live in the world. They are called feral cats because they have lack of human interactions. The term stray cats are also different from feral cats. The former ones have not lived at home anymore. However, they can be re-introduced to the homes again. You will be informed with more interesting facts about the habitat, distribution, behavior and history of feral cats below.

Facts about Feral Cats 1: the term feral

The term feral is applied to define the non-domesticated animals. They are in wild state.   The adjective is used to define the wild animals whose characteristics are brutal and ferocious.

Facts about Feral Cats

Facts about Feral Cats

Facts about Feral Cats 2: the feral and domesticated cats

The level of ownership, socialization, interaction, fear, and dependence on human will be used to find out the differences between the domesticated cats and feral cats.

Facts about Feral Cats 3: the general characteristic

The general characteristic to define feral cats is related to the lack of human contact. When they meet humans, they will try to avoid them. Rather than performing an attack, they prefer to escape.

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Feral Cats Facts

Feral Cats Facts

Facts about Feral Cats 4: survival

Without the presence of human being, feral cats are capable to survive for most of them spend their time in the wild.

Facts about Feral Cats 5: evaluation

Evaluation will be conducted to find out whether the cats are feral or not by looking at the level of fear.

Facts about Feral Cats 6: the social behavior

The social behavior is also observed to determine the feral cats.  They will respond when seeing human.

Facts about Feral Cats 7: barn cats

The barn cats are also called feral cats. They can be found living in semi feral or feral environment in the farms. Their primary foods are rodents and small animals that they hunt around the farms.

Feral Cats Pic

Feral Cats Pic

Facts about Feral Cats 8: ship’s cats

Another feral cat is the ship cat. The naval, trading and exploration ships had cats to catch the rats and mice.

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Facts about Feral Cats 9: the spread of cats

The spread of cats in many parts of the world was said to have originated from Egypt.

Feral Cats

Feral Cats

Facts about Feral Cats 10: introduction to England

Cats were introduced to England by the Roman armies when they occupied the land.

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